Tales of Arise - Trasilda Highway – Viscint Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Trasilda Highway - Viscint in Tales of Arise. Included are all main story quest objectives, sub quests, obtainable items (weapons, armor, accessories, materials), item locations, enemies and bosses encountered, area maps, and an in-depth guide to clear the story section.

Tales of Arise - Trasilda Highway - Viscint Walkthrough

Trasilda Highway – Viscint Walkthrough

Tales of Arise - Trasilda Highway - Viscint Walkthrough

This is the main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Trasilda Highway – Viscint in Tales of Arise. Included also are lists of playable characters, obtainable items and collectibles, and normal and boss enemies.


Here are the playable characters in this walkthrough:

Character Availability
Tales of Arise - Alphen Character IconAlphen All Locations
Tales of Arise - Shionne Character IconShionne All Locations
Tales of Arise - Rinwell Character IconRinwell All Locations
Tales of Arise - Law Character IconLaw All Locations

All Characters

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Astral Flower x1 Trasilda Highway (after defeating the Elder Dragon gigant)
Granite Fang x2 Waterfall Depths
Beef Stew Recipe Viscint (after giving Gourdeno Beef x1)
Pork Bun Recipe Autelina Palace (Guard’s Room)
Omelette Recipe Autelina Palace (Library)

Boss Enemies

Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Boss Level Type Location
Elder Dragon (Gigant) 23 Trasilda Highway

All Zeugles

Trasilda Highway – Viscint Walkthrough

Please note that this walkthrough is still undergoing updates.

Trasilda Highway

1 You want go southeast on the map to reach Viscint. From the entrance, look to your right to find enemies (Boars) sleeping on the cliff. You can take them on to have the Elder Dragon gigant appear. Defeat it to get Astral Flower x1.
2 Use the campfire and talk to the merchant if you want along the way.
3 Approach the farms by going north. Near the stables is a patch of tall grass where Owl #17 will be. Be sure to get some materials for beef near the farms.
4 Afterwards, go north toward the lake and swim toward Waterfall Depths (labeled “???”). Open the chest there to get Granite Fang x2.
5 You can also head to Tietal Plain by going southeast of Trasilda Highway. Look up from below the stone arch to find Owl #18.
5 After you are done exploring, head back and take the exit to Viscint.


1 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, talk to the people marked on the map. Be sure to approach Gourdeno lying on the street to get Beef Stew recipe by giving him Beef x1.
2 Go north from the inn to find a blue vase and a bucket with Owl #19 hiding inside.
3 Once you have finished talking to the Viscint residents, go north to Razum Quarry and watch the cutscene.
4 Head to Autelina Palace.

Autelina Palace

1 Watch the cutscene. Afterward, you can go into the Guard Room (northeast) to get Pork Bun Recipe.
2 Head west and go inside the Staff Quarters. Check the note on the bed. Then, go southwest to Entrance Plaza and head down to the 1F.
3 Get Peach Gel x1 at the Staff Waiting Room. Afterwards, head into the kitchen to find Owl #20 on the shell.
4 Move to the Store Room 1 and open the chest to get Heavy Treat x1. Head to Store Room 2 for 800 Gald. The chest there has Happy Bottle x1 as well.
5 One last chest can be found in the Library. Head there and open the chest to get Omelette Recipe.
6 Exit the Palace and watch the cutscene.
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Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this walkthrough:

Coming soon.

Owl Locations

Below are the in-game locations of all owls in this walkthrough:

Owl Map In-game
#17 (Trasilda Highway)
#18 (Tietal Plain)
#19 (Viscint)
#20 (Autelina Palace)

All Owl Locations and Rewards

Explored Locations

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  1. Person to heal by owl 18 and boy to heal under bridge this after accepting quest to heal 3 people on way down,don’t forget to get the apples and eggs at the farm