Tales of Arise - Lenegis Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Lenegis in Tales of Arise. Included are all main story quest objectives, sub quests, obtainable items (weapons, armor, accessories, materials), item locations, enemies and bosses encountered, area maps, and an in-depth guide to clear the story section.

Tales of Arise - Lenegis Walkthrough

Lenegis Walkthrough

Tales of Arise - Lenegis Walkthrough

This is the main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Lenegis in Tales of Arise. Included also are lists of playable characters, obtainable items and collectibles, and normal and boss enemies.


Here are the playable characters in this walkthrough:

Character Availability
Tales of Arise - Alphen Character IconAlphen All Locations
Tales of Arise - Shionne Character IconShionne All Locations
Tales of Arise - Rinwell Character IconRinwell All Locations
Tales of Arise - Law Character IconLaw All Locations
Tales of Arise - Kisara Character IconKisara All Locations
Tales of Arise - Dohalim il Qaras Character IconDohalim All Locations

All Characters

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Shortcake Recipe x1 Lenegis Maintenance Passageway
Sodeil Arthalys x1 Forbidden Zone Classified Area
Gahm Arthalys x1 Forbidden Zone Classified Area
L’Aze Phiarquis x1 Forbidden Zone Classified Area

Boss Enemies

Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Boss Level Type Location
Tormented Limbs 45 Forbidden Zone
Red Woman x3 48 Forbidden Zone

All Zeugles

Lenegis Walkthrough

Please note that this walkthrough is still undergoing updates.


1 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, head for the marked location and talk to Lenegis residents.
2 Continue toward the marked location and watch the cutscene.
3 Talk to more Lenegis residents. Then, head southwest to Residential Zone 4.
4 Open the nearby chest to get Grape Gel x1. Afterwards, go to the Civilian Park Zone to the east and watch the cutscene.
5 Afterwards, head northwest to reach the Maintenance Passageway.
6 Follow the path to the north to find a chest with Shortcake recipe at the dead end to the east.
7 Then, backtrack and head south and east to the marked location. To the right of the passage leading to the exit is a chest with 21600 gald.
8 Head to the marked location and use the portal to reach the Forbidden Zone.

Forbidden Zone

1 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, move forward to the healing light to fully restore the party’s HP.
2 Afterwards, move ahead and prepare to battle Tormented Limbs.
3 Having equipment to protect you from poison is recommended for this fight.

Focus attacks on the boss’ head where its weakpoint is. Take advantage of its weakness to light elemental attacks to deal massive damage to it. Rinwell is especially effective against Tormented Limbs because of her array of light attribute spells.

Many of the boss’ attacks will only hit targets in front of it. Try to position yourself behind Tormented Limbs or to its side during the fight.

Once Tormented Limbs buries its arms into the ground, it will shoot out a powerful beam. You can try to position yourself close enough and attack it from behind or from the side before it recovers.

When Tormented Limbs is at half HP, it will spin it body and summon purple orbs that teleport near targets. Watch out for the orbs and the boss itself when it does its spinning attack to avoid getting hit by either.

4 After defeating the boss, watch the cutscene.
5 Head to the teleporter to warp to the Forbidden Zone Research Area.
6 At the research area, head to the room on your left. Watch the cutscene.
7 Afterwards, examine the panels (marked with “!” on the map).
8 Then, go inside the room to the east to get Life Bottle x3.
9 Leave the room and go inside the one just across to get Grape Gel x1.
10 Finally, head north to the marked location and warp to the Forbidden Zone Classified Area.
11 Go inside the room on your left to get Heavy Treat x1. Then, head for the door to get Sodeil Arthalys x1, Gahm Arthalys x1, and L’Aze Phiarquis x1.
12 Use the teleporter to warp to the next area.
13 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, use the healing light ahead to fully restore the party’s HP.
14 Prepare to battle the Red Woman.
15 The Red Woman mainly uses dark elemental attacks so equipping Alexandrite to cut the damage by half is useful for the fight.

As with Tormented Limbs, the Red Woman is weak against light attacks. Rinwell and Shionne will likely be your primary damage dealers against the boss.

The Red Woman’s (and her clones’) mobility makes her quite challenging to deal with. Get ready to dodge as soon as you see any kind of wind-up to avoid getting hit.

Among the best times to hit her is after her laser attacks. Pummel her with light attacks from Rinwell and Shionne before she recovers.

When the Red Woman enter Over Limit, she will teleport and shoot lasers from the edge of the arena. She has two variations of this attack. She can either have all of her clones stand side-by-side and shoot lasers in a straight line forward or go into a triangular formation and shoot the lasers sideways. You can try going behind her after she teleports to avoid the attacks or by jumping.

16 After defeating the Red Woman, watch the cutscene.
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Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this walkthrough:

Coming soon.

Owl Locations

There are no owls in this section of the walkthrough.

All Owl Locations and Rewards

Explored Locations

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