Tales of Arise - How to Escape Battles

A guide on how to escape battles in Tales of Arise. Included are basic mechanics of fleeing and other useful tips and information.

Tales of Arise - How to Escape Battles

How to Escape Battles

Tales of Arise - How to Escape Battles

You can escape most random encounters in Tales of Arise simply by opening the menu while in combat (touchpad on the PS4 and PS5) and selecting “Flee” on the rightmost side to run away from enemies.

Once you have initiated the escape, a gauge will appear on the screen indicating the amount of time left before you can exit the battle. During this time, you can still take damage from enemies, though this will not hinder the escape gauge from depleting.

Character level affects escape time duration.

Tales of Arise - Character Levels

The level of your characters affects the speed at which the escape gauge depletes. The time it takes for your party to flee from battle will be longer if your enemies are at a significantly higher level than your highest-leveled character in the party. Conversely, your party will be able to escape within a shorter amount of time if your enemies are at a significantly lower level than your highest-leveled character.

Inescapable Battles

Tales of Arise - Mesmald Zeugle

You cannot flee from certain story-related encounters, particularly boss fights as they will have the “Cannot Flee” indicator in red when you open the menu during battle. This means that you should organize your party and make sure you are using the right equipment before going into tough encounters.

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