Tales of Arise - Fish List

A list of all fish in Tales of Arise, including rarity, location, lure to use, and selling price in the game.

Tales of Arise - Fish List

Fish List

Below is a list of all fish in Tales of Arise, including each fish’s rarity, where to find (fishing spot), best lure to use, and selling price. Please note that names of each fish and lure are roughly translated from Japanese sources.

Fishing Guide

Name Rarity Location Lure Selling Price
Dahnan Bass Talka Pomd Beginner’s Popper
Cave Seabass Cave of Solitude Imamin Floater
Menancia Catfish ★★ Talka Pond Loudness Popper
Vesper Seabass ★★ Hidden Wharf Imamin Floater
Karasuba Sea Bream ★★ Cave of Solitude Imamin Floater
Aurum Arrowana ★★★ Adan Lake Fishing Tipper
Ganath Shapiranha Shinefall Woods Stick Lure
Ganath Halo Catfish ★★ Shinefall Woods Loudness Popper
Zesty Grouper ★★ Uninhabited Island Loudness Popper
Amber Mackarel Cave of Solitude Flaptrap
Berserker Piranha Nevira Snowplains Flaptrap
Coral Flatfish Cave of Solitude Elegant Swimmer
Hawksbill Trout Frozen Valley Trembling Lure
Pearly Pike Frozen Valley Uber Spinner
Pond Tilapia Nevira Snowplains, Overseer Hill, Talka Pond Subsurface Mirrage
Sardonyx Grouper Sardonyx Grouper Subsurface Mirrage
Tricolored Catfish Nevira Snowplains Portly Mudslinger
Tsuyukusa Mackerel Uninhabited Island Flaptrap
Aqfotle Arowana ★★ Adan Ruins Stick Lure
Azure Tilapia ★★ Frozen Valley Disarming Lure
Blueback Tuna ★★ Hidden Wharf Celestial Whale
Cyslodian Salmon ★★ Frozen Valley Uber Spinner
Emerald Salmon ★★ Adan Ruins Trembling Lure
Garnet Sea Bream ★★ Hidden Wharf Disarming Lure
Gluttonous Barracuda ★★ Uninhabited Island Elegant Swimmer
Green Pike ★★ Shinefall Woods Rock Slapper
Lacerda Salmon ★★ Cave of Solitude Subsurface Mirrage
Lavtu Arowana ★★ Lavtu Marhslands Rock Slapper
Lavtu Tilapia ★★ Lavtu Marhslands Celestial Whale
Lesser Pirarucu ★★ Adan Ruins Charming Lure
Mahag Saar Barracuda ★★ Hidden Wharf Uber Spinner
Mahag Saar Flatfish ★★ Uninhabited Island Charming Lure
Menancian Bass ★★ Overseer Hill Trembling Lure
Menancian Catfish ★★ Talka Pond Round Popper
Muddy Picarucu ★★ Adan Lake Charming Lure
Nevira Piranha ★★ Nevira Snowplains Disarming Lure
Polar Bass ★★ Nevira Snowplains, Frozen Valley Rock Slapper
Talka Trout ★★ Talka Pond Celestial Whale
Trasilda Arowana ★★ Overseer Hill Stick Lure
Armored Sturgeon ★★★ Nevira Snowplains
Talka Pond
Adan Ruins
Mieu Sinker
Cobalt Trout ★★★ Lavtu Marhslands Rappig Minnow
Cygni Piracrucu ★★★ Fogwharl Limestone Caverns Zapie Doppelganger
Golden Catfish ★★★ Overseer Hill Bienfu Lure
Silver Marlin ★★★ Hidden Wharf Silver Fang

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