Tales of Arise - How to Use Mystic Artes

A guide on how to use Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on Mystic Artes, how to use them, how to activate Over Limit, mechanics, and list of all character Mystic Artes and how to unlock them in the game.

Tales of Arise - How to Use Mystic Artes

How to Use Mystic Artes

What are Mystic Artes?

Tales of Arise - Mystic Artes

Mystic Artes are ultimate Arte attacks unique to each character which can be used after entering the Over Limit state. As they are among the most powerful attacks a character can unleash during battle, they are best used against tough enemies, particularly bosses.

Performing Mystic Artes

Can Only Be Used During Over Limit State

Tales of Arise - How to Use Mystic Artes

To use a Mystic Arte, a character must be in Over Limit which can be activated by taking damage or executing perfect evasions (perfect guards in the case of Kisara).

How to Activate Over Limit

Once you have entered Over Limit, your character will temporarily be able to use Artes without spending AG. Press any two combinations of the face buttons (〇, ×, △, □  on the PS4/PS5 and A, B, X, Y on the Xbox) to use your character’s Mystic Arte.

Game Controls

Be warned that performing a Mystic Arte will cause your character to exit Over Limit immediately afterwards. Because of this, it is recommended to use as many Artes as you can and only execute the Mystic Arte just before the Over Limit gauge runs out.

All Characters’ Mystic Artes

Below are all character’s unique Mystic Artes, how to unlock them, and required input (button commands). Please note that names of each character’s Mystic Arte are roughly translated from Japanese sources.

Character Mystic Arte How to Unlock Input
Tales of Arise - Alphen Character IconAlphen Tales of Arise - Alphen Mystic ArteScarlet Flame
Tales of Arise - Shionne Character IconShionne Tales of Arise - Shionne Mystic ArteAdre Beat Omnia
Tales of Arise - Rinwell Character IconRinwell Tales of Arise - Rinwell Mystic ArteAquarius Damnation
Tales of Arise - Law Character IconLaw Tales of Arise - Law Mystic ArteThunder Wolf Shadow Leg
Tales of Arise - Kisara Character IconKisara Tales of Arise - Kisara Mystic ArteHoly Crushing Wall
Tales of Arise - Dohalim il Qaras Character IconDohalim Tales of Arise - Dohalim Mystic ArteInfiniti Exitio

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