Tales of Arise - How to Farm Rare Materials

A guide on how to farm rare materials in Tales of Arise. Included are the best methods to get rare materials in the game, how to increase rare material drop rate, recommended equipment and artifacts, and tips on how to farm them.

Tales of Arise - How to Farm Rare Materials

How to Farm Rare Materials

Rare materials are mostly used to craft the best accessories in Tales of Arise, making it essential to farm them as you take on tougher enemies throughout the main story. Below are some tips on how to get rare materials and ways to increase their drop rate in the game.

Get high scores in consecutive battles.

Tales of Arise - Battle Score

The chances of finding rare materials and encountering rare monsters increase when you get high scores in consecutive battles. To improve your battle score, try defeating enemies as quickly as possible while playing in higher difficulty levels.

How to Get High Battle Scores

Playing on Moderate and Hard difficulty grants your battle score a x1.25 and x1.5 multiplier respectively. Try adjust your settings whenever you intend to farm for rare materials.

Game Difficulty Guide

Note that you will also gain more skill points (SP) for accumulating a high scores in each battle, allowing you to farm for SP as you gather rare materials in the game.

SP Farming Guide

Master Percussion Instrument Artifact

Tales of Arise - Master Percussion Instrument Artifact

You can also raise your battle score by having the Master Percussion Instrument artifact (the artifact that is obviously a homage to Bandai Namco’s Taiko no Tatsujin rhythm game). You can get this artifact from ???

All Artifacts List

Tips for Farming Rare Materials

Use multi-hit attacks.

Since your battle score goes up the faster you defeat enemies, using powerful attacks that hit multiple targets at once is recommended when farming rare materials.

Use boost strikes.

Triggering boost strikes is also another way of ending battles quickly as these attacks are literally one-hit-kills when used on regular enemies.

How to Use Boost Strikes

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