Tales of Arise - Ulzebek – Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Ulzebek - Fagan Ruins in Tales of Arise. Included are all main story quest objectives, sub quests, obtainable items (weapons, armor, accessories, materials), item locations, enemies and bosses encountered, area maps, and an in-depth guide to clear the story section.

Tales of Arise - Ulzebek - Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

Ulzebek – Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

Tales of Arise - Ulzebek - Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

This is the main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Ulzebek – Fagan Ruins of Tales of Arise. Included also are lists of playable characters, obtainable items and collectibles, and normal and boss enemies.

Main Story Walkthroughs


Here are the playable characters in this walkthrough:

Character Availability
Tales of Arise - Alphen Character IconAlphen All Locations
Tales of Arise - Shionne Character IconShionne All Locations

All Characters

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of notable items you can obtain in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Ocean Blue Battle Garb x1 (Alphen) Ulzebek (given by Tilsa at the Crimson Crows’ hideout)
Rebellious Spark Emblem x1 (Alphen) Ulzebek (after clearing Supply Procurement Sub Quest)
Speedy Chef Emblem x1 (Shionne) Iglia Wastes (after reaching the campsite near the entrance to Fagan Ruins)
Pierce Emblem x1 Fagan Ruins (inside the room blocked by the barrier on the 2F).
Noble Rose x1 (Shionne) Fagan Ruins (Residential Quarters)
Noble Scarlet x1 (Shionne) Fagan Ruins (Residential Quarters)
Noble Tiara x1 (Shionne) Fagan Ruins (Residential Quarters)
Steamed Potatoes Recipe x1 Ulzebek (after clearing Hunger Averted Sub Quest)

Normal Enemies

Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Level Type Location
Wolf 7 Iglia Wastes
Golem 9 Iglia Wastes
Armadillo 7 Iglia Wastes, Fagan Ruins
Bee 8 Iglia Wastes, Fagan Ruins

Boss Enemies

There are no bosses encountered in this section of the game.

Ulzebek – Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

Please note that this walkthrough is still undergoing updates.

Head to the Crimson Crows’ Hideout


1 Approach the small stone pool in the center of the area to get Apple Gel x1.
2 You can take the time to talk to the people around town if you want and check out the inn to the north which also has some items for sale (though you will not be able to buy anything yet).
3 When you are ready, go up the steps to the east enter the small building for a cutscene.

Speak to Nayth – Speak to the Client


1 After getting the Ocean Blue Battle Garb x1 for Alphen, Zephyr will leave the party. Feel free to talk to the Crimson Crows while inside their base.
2 You can go up the two sets of ladders inside the hide out to find Owl #2 sitting on clothesline.
3 Afterwards, go back down. Go down the steps and talk to Nayth near small pool in the middle of town.
4 Talk to Dyron and watch the cutscene. This will activate the Supply Procurement sub quest. Simply head back to Sandinus Ravine to check up on the Crimson Crows delivering the supplies. After clearing the quest, you will be rewarded with some money (gald), skill points (SP), and the Rebellious Spark emblem for Alphen.
5 Watch the cutscene.

Visit the Fagan Ruins

Ulzebek – Fagan Ruins

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Leave the hideout and talk to the Harried-looking Member to your left just before the steps to activate the Giant Zeugle Hunt sub quest. This essentially requires you to kill the Mantis Gigant Zeugle from earlier, though you will likely be able to clear this sub quest much later in the game.
3 Exit to the northwest to Iglia Wastes.
4 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, read the tutorial on Boost Attacks and defeat the enemies ahead (Wolves x2, Bee x2).
5 Walk west and go up the vines. Pick up Potato x2 and go up the steps. Open the chest at the top of the ruined building to get 500 gald. Listen to the conversation afterwards.
6 Head back down the steps and go around the to the left to find Wheat x3 near the edge of the cliff.
7 Drop back down to the lower area where you entered Iglia Wastes and take out the enemies along the path while moving north.
8 Along the east side near the cliff wall are Potatos x3 you can pick up.
9 Walk west towards a large tree and pick up Wheat x3 and just eat of that is a ruined house with Apple Gel x1 inside.
10 Head to the southern side of the map to find Paralaxstone x3 at the mineral deposit. You can grab a few more items around the area (carp from the pond and wheat near the cliffs). There is also Owl #3 that you can reach on top of the hill via a ladder on the southwest section of the area.
11 When you are ready, start heading northwest to the entrance to Fagan Ruins.
12 As you near the ruin entrance, watch the cutscene. Afterwards, approach the campfire for another cutscene. You will then get the Speedy Chef emblem for Shionne.
13 Enter the Fagan Ruins and move toward the door for a cutscene.

Look for Renan Equipment Inside the Ruins

Entrance – Fagan Ruins – Storage Block 1F/2F

1 Operate the terminal to disable the barrier.
2 From the fork, move northeast to get Iron Chunk x1 from the mineral deposit. Take out the enemies along the way (Armadillo x2) and head inside the room on the northeast corner. Open the chest to get Lifebottle x2.
3 Backtrack to the fork and go northwest.
4 Go up the stairs as the path winds around to reach Storage Block 2F.
5 Head northeast and jump over the gap. Follow the corridor going southwest but go past the first door on your left (it is blocked by a barrier). Instead go inside the second door and take out the enemies there. Pick up Chamomile x1 at the corner of the room and leave.
6 After exiting the room, look to your right to spot a mineral deposit. Approach it to get Antidote Rock x1. Then, go up to where the debris has formed a sort of hill and drop down. Afterwards, go northwest and enter the room to your left to get Apple Gel x1. Exit the room and follow the slope up going northeast and enter the door to your right.
7 Head into the next room by to the left and take out the enemies just before the next door.
8 Exit through the door ahead and follow the path going southwest.
9 When you come near the railings along the corridor, turn left to spot a mineral deposit ahead. Approach it and grab Antidote Rock x1.
10 Backtrack and continue going southwest. Follow the path as it turns southeast (ignore the elevator first) and move toward the door at the very end (ignoring the first one on your right).
11 Go inside the room and defeat the enemies. Afterwards, watch the cutscene.
12 Operate the terminal and exit the room which will disable the barrier in the room on the 2F (the first one after jumping over the gap). You can choose to head back there now to get a Pierce Emblem x1 or pick it up on the way back after getting Shionne’s gear at the Residential Quarter. Whatever you choose, move northwest after exiting the room with the terminal and enter the door to your left (the one you ignored earlier). Pick up Orange Gel x1 from the chest.
13 Use the elevator to reach the Residential Quarter.

Residential Quarter

1 Follow the path toward the marked destination for a cutscene.
2 Afterwards, you will get Noble Rose (weapon), Noble Scarlet (armor), and Noble Tiara (head) for Shionne.

Return to Zephyr back in Ulzebek

Residential Quarter

1 All you need to do is to go back the way you can all the way to the ruins entrance. Be sure to pick up the Pierce Emblem on the 2F if you did not do so already on the way back.
2 Exit to Iglia Wastes and read the tutorial on fast traveling.
3 Fast travel to Ulzebek from the map menu.


1 Before going up the steps to the Crimson Crows hideout, talk to the woman on the right and give her some wheat and potatoes you found at Iglia Wastes. This will immediately clear the Hunger Averted sub quest and reward you with money, SP, and the Steamed Potatoes recipe.
2 Approach Zephyr for a cutscene.
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Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this walkthrough:

Coming soon.

Owl Locations

Below are the in-game locations of all owls in this walkthrough:

Owl Map In-game
#2 (Ulzebek) Tales of Arise - Owl #2 Map Tales of Arise - Owl #2 In-game
#3 (Iglia Wastes) Tales of Arise - Owl #3 Map Tales of Arise - Owl #3 In-game

All Owl Locations and Rewards

Explored Locations

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