Tales of Arise - How to Learn and Level Up Techniques

A guide on how to learn and level up techniques in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on techniques, how to learn (unlock), how to level up, differences between techniques and artes, and other useful tips.

Tales of Arise - How to Learn and Enhance Techniques

How to Learn and Level Up Techniques

What are Techniques?

Techniques are active skills that each character can use in combat which are more powerful than standard attacks. Similar to artes, techniques require the character to spend a portion of their artes gauge (AG) to perform them in battle. Most techniques, however, can only be used in mid to close range while artes can be executed from long distances.

Learning Techniques

Increase proficiency.

Techniques are unlocked upon increasing a character’s proficiency levels when using specific techniques in battle. Upon using certain techniques, your skill level will increase, and new derivative techniques can be learned from the skill panel based on the character’s current title. When going through the main story, try to have an idea which techniques you want to learn to make them usable toward the later stages of the game.

Skill level increases even for AI controlled allies.

Allies participating in battle will gain skill levels even if you are not directly controlling them when they continue to use techniques. This means that your AI controlled party members can still learn new techniques just by having them actively engage enemies.

Learn techniques from the skill panel.

Techniques are learned from the skill panel of a character’s current title by spending skill points (SP) which are earned through battle. To unlock as many skills as possible, clear as many random encounters as you can when exploring each map in the game.

How to Level Up Techniques

Use them constantly in battle.

Newly acquired techniques can be improved by using them as much as you can during combat. You can view the progress of enhancing certain techniques at the lower portion of the technique screen.

The technique count indicates your current technique usage before it levels up. Upon upgrading the technique, it will gain a star which can max out to up to 5 stars.

More on Techniques vs Artes

As previously mentioned, techniques can usually be used on enemies within mid to close range while artes can be performed over great distances during combat.

Most techniques can either be offensive or supportive skills as with artes. The latter, however, also includes recovery abilities.

Another key difference between the two  skills is that techniques are executed at almost the instant their input is pressed. Artes, meanwhile, tend to a bit of a windup, allowing enemies to interrupt you as after you have inputted the command to use them.

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