Tales of Arise - Cure Points Guide

A guide on everything you need to know about Cure Points or CP. Included are basic information on Cure Points, ways on how to heal, how to recover, how to use, and many more.

Tales of Arise - Cure Points Guide

How to Use Cure Points

What is Cure Points (CP)

Cure Points are utilized for all Artes that heal, revive, and it benefits the party. Using each healing, buffing, or resurrection Arte with a certain number of Cure Points, and you will be unable to use them if you run out of Cure Points. It determines how many times you may use various Support Artes in battle and out of combat. You can also use CP to interact with different kinds of elements and objects while exploring throughout the map as you progress in the main story.

Healing Party Members during Combat

The offensive artes and attacks are powered by a Soul Gauge system identical to that of the previous game, Tales of Berseria, while healing is provided by a completely new gauge called CP in Tales of Arise. By casting Support Artes using Shionne or Dohalim, CP may be utilized to heal the whole party or individual members. If a Support Arte has previously been assigned to an action button, press it in combat while controlling that character, and the Support or Healing Arte will be performed.

Assign Supporting Artes

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It is also worth noting that not all Artes utilize CP. Some Support Artes that boost a character or the whole party, like Rinwell’s, require CP to use the skill. These may increase an ally’s various elements such as Penetration or Elemental abilities.

Use to Revive Party Members

Tales of Arise - All Six Characters

Other Support Artes may be used to revive party members who have been knocked out during battles. Using a Revival Arte to revive someone will deplete your CP, just as using other Support Artes. Most of the time, Artes that have the ability of reviving a party member which uses more CP than other basic healing Support Artes.

Using CP during out of combat

You may spend CP outside of combat to heal your party members using the Recover option in the Menu. During outside of boss fights, knocking out your whole team uses CP to restore.

Restoring CP

Defeating some Zeulges Monsters

Tales of Arise - Mantis Zeugle

You may also raise the maximum number of Cure Points by killing the extra gigantic Zeugles bosses or Gigants that can be located in fields and dungeons throughout the game. For example, one of them is a huge Mantis you faced off against during the demo.

Using Recovery Items to Restore CP

There are some items that aid in CP recovery, such as Orange Gel (restores 30% of your CP) and Pineapple Gels (restores 60% of your CP), it will assist you in replenishing your CP. These Gels are found throughout your adventure as you progress to the main story, it can also be bought from Merchants but they are quite expensive.

Resting at Camps or Inns and Cooking Dishes

While resting in Camps or Inns will fully replenish both Health and CP to their maximum levels. Prior to entering a boss battle, you may use the camps in order to restore your character’s health and character points (HP and CP). You can also cook dishes while you are in a camp. For example, Grilled Fish will provide you a boost that refills CP every 5 minutes after battles. In the case that you have Kisara in your party, you may use her to prepare food to this dish to increase the duration effect by an additional 20%.

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