Tales of Arise - How to Use Artes

A guide on how to use Artes in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on Artes, how to use them, how to charge AG, enhancing, and all other information on using Artes.

Tales of Arise - How to Use Artes

How to Use Artes

What are Artes?

Artes are unique offensive abilities that may be used in combat. Each character has a certain Artes Proficiency that they specialized in, with each proficiency level increasing the character’s ability to learn a new Arte.

List of All Artes
How to Use Mystic Artes

Performing Artes

Build Up your AG (Artes Gauge)

The Artes Gauge can be located immediately above your health bar. This gauge is depleted with each consecutive usage of an Arte, with each Arte using a different quantity of AG.

Can be triggered during battles

Each Arte is allocated to a key in the bottom right of the screen. To use an Arte, just press the button assigned for that Arte and each usage reduces your AG.

Changing your Artes

It is possible to swap the types of Artes that you bring into combat by using the Artes Menu. Both Ground Attack and Aerial Attack Artes may be modified in this section.

Proficiency in the Artes and Awakening

How to Enhance your Artes

Through frequent use of an arte in battle, it may be “enhanced” up to five times in total and increasing the Artes of a particular skill will benefit in raising the level of that proficiency. Using an Arte is represented by a number of stars in the Artes Menu, with each degree of improvement denoting a certain number of times you must apply it.

Character Specific Proficiencies

List of All Artes

Each of the playable characters has three Artes abilities that are exclusive to them. In combat, using an Arte with a particular proficiency helps to level it up, with certain levels achieved leading to a “Awakening,” in which characters learn Artes of the same kind as the one they are now using.

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