Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

A guide on the fishing mini game in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on fishing, how to unlock the mini game, mechanics, steps to catch fish, uses of fish, all fishing rods list, all lures list, useful tips and strategies for fishing, and how to get the Godly Angler (silver) and Skilled Angler (bronze) trophies.

Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

Fishing is a mini game in Tales of Arise that lets you catch fish by going to fishing spots found all around the different locations in the game. Once you have caught some fish, you can use them as ingredients for cooking meals, sell them off to earn gald (money), and update your Fishing Notes to obtain various rewards from the Fishing Expert.

Fish List


Below are all trophies and achievements for fishing and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Godly Angler PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Catch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.
Skilled Angler PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Catch your first fish. More than just a fun pastime for lazy days, it’s a way to find food, too.

Trophy List

How to Unlock Fishing

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Fishing Spots

The types of fish that you can catch differs from each fishing spot. Try to explore each map you discover and take time at fishing spots to catch as many types of fish as you can.

Fishing Rods

Tales of Arise - Fish Snapper

Various types of fishing rods can be used for fishing, each with their own unique characteristics and performance. Progress through the game to acquire better fishing rods that let you land rarer fish. You can view a list of all fishing rods at the lower section of this page.


Tales of Arise - Fishing Lure

You will also need to use a lure to fish at fishing spots which can be obtained throughout the game. Careful of your lure is important as different fish are easily attracted to specific types of bait. You can view a list of all lures at the lower section of this page.

How to Fish

Tales of Arise - How to Fish

You can start fishing by going to any fishing spot on the map. The steps to catching fish are indicated below.

1 Go to the fishing spot.
2 Select a fishing rod and lure.
3 Cast your line on a spot in the water.
4 Move your lure to the indicated rhythm to lure the fish.
5 When the fish bites, press the buttons and tilt the analog stick in the direction indicate on the screen to tire the fish out.
6 Once you have depleted the fish’s stamina, the fish will be caught.

Uses of Fish

Cooking Dishes

Fish is a common ingredient in cooking recipes. Since eating cooked meals grants characters various beneficial effects in battle, it is recommended to fish as often as you can to have a good stock of ingredients at all times.

All Cooking Recipes

Selling for Money

Fish can also be sold at shops to earn some gald. Rare types of fish can be turned in for a hefty some while more common ones are bought by shops for less.

Fishing Notes Completion

You will earn rewards for catching as many types of fish and showing the ones you have acquired to the Fishing Expert in the game. There are also a few trophies and achievements you can unlock for reaching certain milestones in the mini game.

Tips for Fishing

Observe the water to know where to cast your line.

Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

At the start of the mini game, try to look at the surface of the water carefully for shadows of fish underwater. Some fish will even jump out, making the process of choosing the spot to cast your line to even easier.

Follow the rhythm to attract the fish.

Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

Once your line has been cast, follow the rhythm indicated by the lure on the upper left side of the screen. Wait for the outer yellow circle to coincide with the inner “fish” circle before tapping the button to tug at your lure. If done at the indicated rhythm, the fish will eventually bite, with “Fish On” initiating the reeling phase.

Reeling in the fish.

Tales of Arise - Fishing Guide

To catch the fish after it has taken the bait, enter the buttons and tilt the analog stick in the direction that appear on the screen. Successfully following the commands indicated will tire the fish out, allowing you to catch it when it has run out of stamina.

All Fishing Rods List

Please note that all fishing rod names and rod details are translated from Japanese sources.

Name Details How to Get
Fish Snapper Can easily deplete fish stamina but requires careful handling

All Lures List

Please note that all fishing lure and target fish names are translated from Japanese sources.

Name Target Fish How to Get
Beginner’s Popper Dhana Bass
Imamin Floater Cave Seabass, Vesper Seabass, Karasubatai
Loudness Popper Menancia Catfish, Ganas Halo Catfish, Zesty Grouper
Fishing Tipper Aurum Arrowana
Miracle Sonic

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