Tales of Arise - Material List

List of obtainable and purchasable ingredients or materials in Tales of Arise, including their description, effects, and prices in the game.

Tales of Arise - Ingredient Material List

All Materials in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise - Ingredient Material List

Below is a list of obtainable materials or ingredients in Tales of Arise. These items can be acquired from the mining points and or be bought from item shops.

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Below are obtainable trophies and achievements relevant to this guide and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyGlobetrotting Foodie Acquire 30 kinds of non-DLC recipes. The quest for tasty meals spans every corner of Dahna.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophySpeedy Chef Cook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most.

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All Ingredients

Ingredient Description How to Obtain
Wheat A type of grain found in climate both hot and cold. When turned into flour, it can be used in a wide array of recipes.
  • Buy from shop (30 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Rice A type of grain that expands and becomes springy when cooked. It can be topped or mixed with myriad other ofoods. The possibilities are endless.
  • Obtain from mining points.
Lettuce A vegetable mainly eaten for its leaves whose bright green color and crisp texture whose bright green color and crisp texture can liven up a wide variety of dishes.
  • Buy from shop (30 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Potato A vegetable whose underground stalks can be eaten. The sprout it forms are toxic and must be removed before being consumed.
  • Buy from shop (20 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Tomato A highly juicy and sour vegetable. Fully red, ripe tomatoes are packed with enough nutrients to make any doctor proud.
  • Buy from shop (30 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Strawberry A small, sweet fruit filled water. The small grains surrounding it are the seeds, while the red portion isn’t actually considered its flesh.
  • Obtain from mining points.
Apple A crunchy fruit that’s sweet, yet sour. Crushing one with one hand makes for a fine display of strength, but its also a brazen waste of food.
  • Buy from shop (20 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Lemon A yellow fruit with infamously sour innards. Adding it or not meat can lead to a surprising amount of trouble in some circles.
  • Buy from shop (15 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Scrap Meat Scraps of leftover meat from various animal parts. Though a little unseemly, with preparation, it can be eaten just fine.
  • Obtain from mining points.
Beef Cow meat. Its taste and texture differs from one part to the next and even then can still vary based on how the cow was fed and raised.
  • Buy from shop (100 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Pork Pig meat. As scrumptious as it is fatty, it has to be cooked thoroughly at a high enough temperature before it can be safely eaten.
  • Buy from shop (80 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Chicken Chicken meat. The breast meat is recommended for those staying on top of their weight. while the thigh meat is ideal for those who want to pig out.
  • Buy from shop (? Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Carp A hearty fish that can survive in even poor water. It’s best to cook it first before eating, as consuming it raw is dangerous.
  • Obtain from mining points.
Salmon A fish that travels across the ocean to return to the river it was born in. It needs to be frozen first before it can be eaten raw.
  • Buy from shop (? Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Mackerel A fish with thorny scales on its body. Living with other migratory species, unusually, its ripest period extends from spring to mid-summer.
  • Obtain from mining points.
Mushroom An umbrella-shaped fungus often found in moist areas. Poisonous varieties exist, meaning caution must be exercised when picking them.
  • Buy from shop (10 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Pepper A plant that turns into a spice when dried. Given its potent strength and flavor, it’s best employed in cooking in moderation.
  • Buy from shop (? Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Milk Milk taken from a cow. It can be drank straight, or turned into other food through processes such as fermentation and separation
  • Buy from shop (40 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Egg An egg laid by a chicken. Although easily broken when struck, it’s hard to crush it with one hand and makes a big mess afterward.
  • Buy from shop (30 Gald).
  • Obtain from mining points.
Tofu A substance made by adding a coagulant to soy milk. The thickness of the milk and the process greatly impacts the texture of the final product.
  • Obtain from mining points.

All Materials

Material Description How to Obtain
Adamantine Tendon
  • Located at Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Defeat Astral Fury or Astral Hatred.
Astral Crystal
  • Located at Mobile Fortress Gradia.
  • Defeat any Mahag Saar enemies.
Astral Crystal Fragment A large mass harvested from a powerful zeugle. It has a huge power reserve for powering a giant body.
  • Located at Safar Sea Cave.
  • Defeat any Cyslodia enemies.
Astral Crystal Grain Part of a Renan component used to store astral energy. Even the smallest grain is enough to power Renan armor during combat.
  • Located at Glanymede Castle 4F in Calaglia.
  • Defeat any Cyslodia enemies.
Astral Mass
  • Located at Autelina Palace.
  • Defeat any Menancia enemies.
Beast Mane A mane harvested from a wolf-type zeugle. Tough while also soft to the touch, it’s an idea material for decorative purposes.
  • Defeat any Alpha Withered Wolf.
Beast Tail
  • Defeat Boomy enemy.
Bizarre Megacore A fragment of a Renan component used to store astral energy. A single fragment provides enough power to sustain a soldier over long battles.
  • Located at Elde Menancia.
  • Defeat any Ooze Zeugles and Earth Mass enemies.
Blistering Fang
  • Defeat Furious Boar.
Chameleon Hide
  • Defeat Chrome Gazer and Astral Agony.
Clam Tentacle
  • Defeat Shellshocker.
Clay Fragment
  • Defeat Granilem and Flamewrecker Gigant.
Cursed Claw
  • Defeat Astral Doubt.
Dark Mane
  • Located at Rudhir Forest.
  • Defeat Alpha Withered Wolf.
Dark Tree Blood
  • Defeat Treant Roper.
Demihuman Muscle
  • Defeat Rioter Claw.
Demihuman Talon A talon harvested from a demihuman zeugle. As thick as a person’s arm, it can be refined into a powerful weapon.
  • Defeat Berserker.
Dragon Blood
  • Defeat Astral Isolation.
Dragon Flame Sac
  • Defeat Vandal Dragon.
Dragon Scale
  • Defeat Ignite Dragon.
Earth Seed A seed-looking object found in certain types of zeugles. It grows if left to its own device, so quick disposal is recommended.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Earth Stone
  • Defeat Earthern Mass.
Flame Stone
  • Defeat Flaming Mass.
Frosty Vambrace
  • Defeat Terrapin Fists.
Gloaming Crystal
  • Defeat Punisher.
Granite Fang
  • Located at Traslida Highway
  • Defeat Boar and Relentless Charger Gigant.
Granite Fragment
  • Defeat Magmalem, Gnome Guarder, or Lavalem.
Gold Chunk A small chunk of gold harvested while mining. As a material, it’s useless, but it can be sold for a tidy sum.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Hard Bone A small bone harvested from a zeugle. As light as it is robust, it can be used as a component as well as in weaponry.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Hard Spherical Shell
  • Defeat Crystamadillo, Rokmadillo, and Jewelmadillo.
Ice Stone
  • Defeat Viscous Mass.
Icicle Fang
  • Defeat any Wild Boar
Incendiary Scale
  • Defeat any Blast Bee or Blast Prisma.
Indomitable Gargantubone
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Inferno Fang
  • Defeat Polycephus Gigant.
Infused Statue Fragment
  • Defeat Killer Effigy and Chaotic Figure.
Iron Pipe
  • Coming Soon!
Iron Chunk A small chunk of iron harvested while mining. As material, it’s useless, but can be sold for a small price.
  • Coming Soon!
Iron Dog Tag A small, iron-cast identification tag engraved with a Renan soldier’s ID number. Fetches a small price when sold.
  • Coming Soon!
Keen Gigafang A highly developed fang harvested from a boar-type zeugle. Its battle readiness has been honed over repeated charging attacks.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Large Demihuman Talon
  • Defeat Dual Blades, Force Duster, and Executor.
Lizard Fin
  • Defeat Creepzilla.
Lustrous Astral Crystal
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Majestic Feather
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Mantid Claw
  • Defeat any Mantis.
Megafauna Bone
  • Defeat any Armatus.
Membrane Wing A thin, film-like wing harvested from an insect-type zeugle. Its minimal weight and tiny proportions make it a cinch to carry.
  • Defeat any Bee.
Mucus Sac
  • Defeat any Agate Shell.
Mystical Luminacore
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Ominous Eyeball
  • Defeat Astral Sloth and Mash Boomy.
Ossified Stem
  • Defeat Blooming Roper.
Paralysis Stinger
  • Defeat Assault Bee and Regent Bee Gigant.
Penumbra Stone
  • Defeat Astral Lament.
Punisher’s Vambrace
  • Defeat Armored Ape.
Phantom Fang
  • Defeat Polycontrus.
Raging Storm Beak
  • Defeat Archer Hawk.
Razor-Tipped Feather A feather harvested from a bird-type zeugle. Its astral energy absorbing properties can imbue equipment with the power of wind.
  • Defeat any Hawk.
Rending Titanfang
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Sharp Fang A fang harvested from a zeugle. Though small, it is hardy enough to pierce even light armor.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Spherical Shell Flexible hide harvested from an armadillo. The elastic skin that holds the hard portions together also has its uses.
  • Defeat Armadillo zeugles.
Spirit Tail
  • Defeat any Wild Boomy or Spirit Boomy.
Statue Fragment A broken fragment harvested from a statue-type zeugle. The harder specimens are extremely robust, making them ideal equipment materials.
  • Defeat statue-type zeugles.
Statue Heart
  • Defeat Immortal Figure.
Sticky Tentacle
  • Defeat Moseel.
Stone Fragment A chunk of rock that was once part of a golem. When used in equipment, the astral energy it harbors can be put to combative use.
  • Defeat Golem.
Strange Core A small mall harvested from a zeugle. It has a reserve of power that makes it handy as a weapon supplement.
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Sturdy Megabone
  • Defeat any zeugles.
Tempest Fang
  • Defeat Polymentus.
Tempest Stone
  • Defeat Tempestuous Mass.
Titanium Vambrace
  • Defeat any Ape or Alpha Reaper Gigant
Wind-Swept Mane
  • Defeat any Wolf enemies.

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