Tales of Arise - How to Revive Fallen Allies

A guide on everything you need to know on How to Revive Fallen Allies. Included are basic information on revival, ways on how to revive, what to do, and many more.

Tales of Arise - How to Revive Fallen Allies

How to Revive Fallen Allies

Using Revival Items

If a party member has fallen during a battle, you may visit the Items menu, from which they can choose an item that will restore the party member’s health.

Reviving with Full HP

The Omega Elixir is one of the important item in reviving and healing party members, it may be obtained by defeating opponents or discovering them in the overworld. It will not only completely recovers a party member’s HP after they have been knocked out, but it also heals any other status ailments that they may have. Certain Artes skills may also fully restore the health of the whole party, even those who have been K.O.’d.

Reviving After Battle

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All fallen party members will be instantly resurrected after each battles; with their HP Bars will be replenished. If you don’t have healing items or goods that can restore CP, it is strongly recommended to take a rest at a Camp Fire in order for HP to be fully replenished before continuing.

Using Recovery Artes

Players may also want to utilize Artes to revive a fallen party member. This is performed by first selecting a button command for an Arte that has revival effects, and then activating that button command during battle have a Revival Arte.

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