Tales of Arise - Sub Quests

A list of all sub-quests in Tales of Arise, including each how to unlock each side quest, quest objectives, rewards for clearing them, and how to get the Rebellious Spark, Problem Solver, and Putting the Past in its Place trophies. Click on a sub-quest to go to its walkthrough page for a detailed guide on how to clear it, quest location, and enemies and bosses encountered.

Tales of Arise - All Sub-Quests

All Sub-Quests in Tales of Arise

Sub-quests in Tales of Arise are optional missions (side quests) that you can clear while going through the main story. Completing them rewards you with various useful items and equipment, and allows you to view interesting story events with many of the game’s supporting characters.


Below are obtainable trophies and achievements relevant to this guide and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyOtherworldly Survivor Clear the “Otherworldly Survivors” sub-quest and bring about a reunion between a certain pair.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyPutting the Past in its Place Clear the “Reminiscence Device” sub-quest. No past foe is any trouble for today’s party!
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyProblem Solver Clear 70 sub-quests. No request from the people is too hard for this party to solve.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyRebellious Spark Clear your first sub-quest. Even the lowliest spark can grow into a raging, all consuming-flame.

Trophy List

Sub-Quests List

Below is a list of all sub-quests in Tales of Arise, including each quest’s availability (how to unlock), quest objective, and rewards.

Sub Quest Availability Objective Rewards
#1 Supply Procurement
  • Start Prologue
  • Reach Ulzebek.
Meet with the Crimson Crows at Sandinus Ravine.
  • 800 Gald
  • 200 SP
#2 Forging from Scratch
  • Start “Taking Down Balseph” Main Quest Quest.
Consult with the Blacksmith at the Inn
  • 500 Gald
  • 165 SP
#3 The Owl Forest
  • Go to Nevia Snowplains.
#4 A Healer and Her Patients
  • Start “Through the Greenery” Main Quest.
  • Go to Overseer Hill.
Heal 3 NPCs.
  • 1800 Gald
  • 265 SP
#5 Refreshing Roughhousing
  • Start “Through the Greenery” Main Quest.
  • Go to Traslida Highway.
Defeat some Zeulges
  • 1100 Gald
  • 155 SP
#6: Training Grounds for All
  • Start “The City of Coexistence” Main Quest.
  • Go to Viscint.
Unlock training grounds.
  • 1100 Gald
  • 155 SP
#7 An Invitation to Fish
  • Start “Valley of the Four Winds” Main Quest.
  • Go to Talka Pond Road.
Go and try fishing in the pond.
  • Learn Fishing minigame.
#8 Renans and their Lords
  • Start “Lenegis” Main Quest.
  • Go to Lenegis – Residential Zone 16.
  • 5100 Gald
  • 220 SP
#9 Shionne the Fashion Critic

Start “Signs of Liberation” Main Quest

Give the Handsome Nobleman advice.
  • 1600 Gald
  • 135 SP
#10 Hunger Averted

After obtaining Shionne’s gear from Fagan Ruins

Deliver 3x Wheat and 3x Potatoes.
  • 700 Gald
  • 190 SP
  • Steamed Potatoes Recipe
#11 The Hunt for New Arms

After defeating Balseph

Deliver 3x Stone Fragments
  • 700 Gald
  • 170 SP
#12 Taking Root

Have Rinwell join the party.

Head to the marked location in Iglia Wastes.
  • 800 Gald
  • 210 SP
#13 Mixed Feelings

Clear Taking Root Sub Quest and reach Rena.

Talk to Grenar in Ulzebek and defeat the Thunderite gigant in Iglia Wastes.
  • Zephyr’s Ring
  • Dawn Braces
  • 12600 Gald
  • 265 SP
  • Torch Bearer Title (Law)
#14 Great Zeugle Hunt

Clear Supply Procurement Sub Quest.

Defeat the Mantis gigant at Sandinus Ravine.
#15 Doc’s Secret Ingredient Have Rinwell join your party. Deliver 3x Peppers.
  • Life Bottle x2
  • 700 Gald.
  • Kebab Recipe
#16 Into the Grotto Unlocked automatically when you go to the Trench of Flames on the east side.
  • Wiener Recipe
  • 3400 Gald
  • 105 SP
#17 Global Connection Deliver the materials and deliver the food in Calaglia – Mosgul.
  • 18400 Gald
  • Glutton’s Code x1
  • Glanymede Donuts Recipe x1
#18 Fire Beneath the Ice Have Rinwell join your party. Defeat 7x Ice Wolves in White Silver Plains.
  • Orange Gel x2
  • 800 Gald.
  • 170 SP
#19 Thawing Relations Have Rinwell join the party. Deliver 3x Lettuce and 3x Apple.
  • 700 Gald
  • 135 SP
  • Life Bottle x2
#20 Hard Liquor Have Rinwell join the party. Deliver 4x Earth Seed.
  • 700 Gald
  • 135 SP
  • Lohikeitto Recipe
#21 Gathering of Zeugles Unlocked after meeting Meneck. Defeat the Zeugles at Nevira Snowplains.
  • 800 Gald
  • 210 SP
#22 Culling the Snowplain Herd Unlocked after defeating Ganabelt. Head to the marked locations in Nevira Snowplains.
  • 1800 Gald
  • 175 SP
  • Life Bottle x2
#23 Survey Says… Clear Culling the Snowplain Herd Sub Quest Talk to 3 marked characters in the area and defeat the Polycephus gigant in Riville Prison Tower.
  • 800 Gald
  • 210 SP
#24 Another Hillside Anomaly Unlocked after completing the story.
  • 7400 Gald
  • 160 SP
#25 Otherworldly Survivors Unlocked after completing the sub quest “Another Hillside Anomaly”. Exploring the other world and finding all 6 keys.
  • 61200 Gald
  • 670 SP

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