Death Stranding - List of Confirmed Enemies

A host of enemies await Sam as he journeys across the open world of Death Stranding. He must fend off groups of bandits, violent anarchists, and mysterious beings to reunite the ravaged cities of America.

Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

Enemies in Death Stranding

Death Stranding takes the player across the dark wastelands of the United Cities of America to face countless dangers, including humasn and otherworldly beings. Here is a list of confirmed enemies, including the background of their involvement in the mysterious events revealed in trailers and gameplay demos.


Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

The Mules are a group of marauders clad in yellow suits. They wear face-obscuring masks and are identified by the electrified pole weapons they wield. Mules will frequently ambush travelers to steal their cargo, but do not kill people. They are highly fearful of Beached Things, or BTs, and will withdraw upon sensing them.

Mule camps are found all across the United Cities of America. These are where the group stores stolen goods and takes refuge from BTs.

Homo Demens

Death Stranding - Confirmed Characters

Homo Demens is a terrorist group based in Edge Knot City. It is violently against centralized government and directly opposes the Bridges company’s goal of reuniting the cities of America. As recounted by Bridges official Die-Hardman, Homo Demens were the ones who captured Amelie, the daughter of former UCA president Bridget. This was done as an insurance policy to prevent the UCA from taking any action against the anarchist faction.


Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

Higgs is a named character affiliated with Homo Demens. He has a mysterious connection to Fragile, an agent of Fragile Express that Sam meets on his travels. Higgs is implied to be able to unleash timefall, rainy weather that causes the appearance of BTs, at will.

Higgs Character Information

Beached Things or “BTs”

Beach Things, or BTs, are otherworldly entities said to have appeared during the mysterious phenomena that rattled the earth. They appear as black amorphous beings that prey on the living.

Craters are formed in an area where BTs have devoured humans, an occurrence called a voidout. Sam is the only person to ever return after being taken by a voidout.


Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

Floating BTs that appear during timefall. Sam can only see them by remaining still. Gazers can detect sound and movement in their surroundings and become invisible when they sense humans. They alert hunters upon spotting prey.


Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

Hunters are BTs that move on the ground. Their presence is indicated by black handprints that become actual hands or even complete upper bodies resembling humans. Hunters will then create dark pools to forcefully submerge their prey. Those taken by hunters are transported to an unknown location to be fed to catchers.


Death Stranding - Confirmed Enemies

Greater in size than gazers and hunters, catchers are BTs that devour captured prey. A voidout is triggered when a catcher has successfully fed. This reduces the site of the voidout into a large crater, wiping everything inside from existence.

Destroying a catcher causes it to shatter into chiral crystals. These are assumed to be of some important use but this has yet to be revealed.

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