Death Stranding - Confirmed Music Tracks

Music featured in promotional material for Death Stranding can be played while in the safe house. We list those confirmed in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 demo.

Death Stranding - Confirmed Music

Music in Death Stranding

Music by Low Roar, Silent Poets, and Apocalyptica were used for Death Stranding’s various trailers. The Tokyo Game Show 2019 safe house demo then revealed that most of the named tracks will be available on the terminal music player. More songs are unlocked during play, according to game director Hideo Kojima.

I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar

Death Stranding - I'll Keep Coming

The song featured in the E3 2016 announcement video. The song can be played using the safe house terminal music player, as confirmed in the TGS 2019 demo.

Easy Way Out by Low Roar

Death Stranding - I'll Keep Coming

The track used in the edited version of The Game Awards 2016 trailer. Easy Way Out is also available on the music player.

Asylums for the Feeling by Silent Poets featuring Leila Adu

Death Stranding - Asylums for the Feeling

The song featured in the E3 2018 presentation. It can be heard during footage of the game’s massive open world. Asylums for the Feeling is another track found on the music player.

Path by Apocalyptica

Death Stranding - Path

A track used in the release date trailer. It was also played during additional footage of exploring the game world. The song was not available on the music player during the TGS 2019 demo.

Pop Virus by Gen Hoshino

Death Stranding - Pop Virus

The track heard in the gameplay demo at TGS 2019. It was the song playing at a shelter that was configured by the owner. Pop Virus can also be played on the music player.

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