Death Stranding - Ending Song by Chvrches Confirmed

An original song by Chvrches will appear on Death Stranding's official soundtrack titled Death Stranding: Timefall.

Death Stranding - Ending Song

“Death Stranding” by Chvrches

Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima confirmed that an original song by Scottish band Chrvches will play during the game’s ending credits. This was according to a tweet on Mr. Kojima’s official twitter account posted yesterday, October 1st, 2019.

Chvrches’ Death Stranding is one of many songs included in the game’s official soundtrack. Titled Death Stranding: Timefall, the album features various international artists across a broad range of genres.

  1. Major Lazer & Khalid – “Trigger”
  2. Au/Ra & Alan Walker – “Ghost”
  3. Chvrches – “Death Stranding”
  4. The Neighbourhood – “Yellow Box”
  5. The SLP – “Meanwhile… in Genova”
  6. Bring Me the Horizon – “Ludens”
  7. Flora Cash – “Born in the Slumber”
  8. MISSIO – “Sing to Me”

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