Death Stranding - Launch Trailer Edited by Hideo Kojima Himself

Death Stranding's launch trailer is expected to premiere soon the game's November 8th launch next month.

Death Stranding - Launch Trailer

Death Stranding Launch Trailer

Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima revealed that he is laying out the final touches to the game’s launch trailer himself before it comes out on November 8th, 2019. This was confirmed in a tweet posted on Mr. Kojima’s twitter account yesterday, October 2nd.

The famed creator of the Metal Gear series did not elaborate on when the video will premiere. It was, however, revealed on the official Playstation Netherlands twitter page that an exclusive trailer for Death Stranding will debut at Rotterdam Games Week. The video to be shown at the event could, in fact, be the game’s launch trailer, though this has not been confirmed.

Rotterdam Games Week will run from October 18th to 20th at the Rotterdam Ahoy convention center.

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