Death Stranding - Locations Revealed So Far

Death Stranding takes the player across the vast locations of the United Cities of America as they attempt to reunite the territories following the events that rattled the earth.

Death Stranding - Locations

Locations in Death Stranding

Death Stranding mostly takes place in a fictional alternate of the USA called the United Cities of America. As revealed in the trailers and gameplay demos, a journey to “reconnect” its ravaged cities awaits the player. We list down all named territories that can or are likely to be visited in the game’s main story.

United Cities of America

The United Cities of America, frequently abbreviated as the “UCA,” is the collective name for the territories that make up the majority of the game’s open world. UCA is also used to refer to the central government overseeing its cities, which has close ties with the Bridges company.

Capital Knot City

Death Stranding - Locations

The capital city of the UCA on the east coast. The Bridges company is implied to be headquartered here as it was the player’s starting point during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 demo.

Death Stranding - Locations

Stillmothers are kept in an intensive care unit that doubles as a research facility in Capital Knot City. Babies born from these stillmothers become Bridge Babies used by Bridges operatives to detect BTs.

The Bridges company regularly gathers data from a stillmother’s womb. These are used to update the environmental data of Bridge baby pods stored in the facility.

Lake Knot City

Death Stranding - Locations

One of the cities visited by Bridges president Amelie to reunite the territories of UCA. No hostilities were encountered by the team, allowing for the establishment of a chiral connection.

Port Knot City

Death Stranding - Locations

One of the locations featured in the TGS 2019 demo. In the presentation, the player received a mission to deliver a package to Viktor Frank, a resident of the city. Based on the map shown in the demo, Port Knot City is located west of Capital Knot City. It also has a population of 51,329.

Central Knot City

Not much is known about Central Knot City. During the briefing trailer, the city was said to have been “taken out” by an act of suicide, according to Bridges operative Sam Porter.

Edge Knot City

Death Stranding - Locations

A city at the very edge UCA territory. Edge Knot City is run by Homo Demens, an anarchist faction violently opposed to the UCA. Amelie was kidnapped by Homo Demens when her team reached the city.

Death Stranding - Locations

Based on the briefing trailer, Edge Knot City seems to be near the Pacific Ocean.

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