Death Stranding - More Gameplay Mechanics Featured at TGS 2019

Game director Hideo Kojima discussed Death Stranding's unique gameplay during a live demo at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Death Stranding TGS 2019

Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay Demo

Death Stranding was perhaps one of the most anticipated titles at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Eager fans were treated to more information on the game’s narrative as well as its key mechanics. The presentation, titled Gameplay Session Volume 1, was delivered by none other than Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima. We summarize some of its newly-revealed features below.

Cargo Management

Death Stranding TGS - Cargo Management

The first key mechanic showcased in the demo was cargo management. Players must select the equipment they bring with them before setting out on a mission. Unlike most games where carried objects are never completely shown, Death Stranding accounts for each piece on the player’s back.

Items have varying weight which stack up as the player takes more with them. This affects the player’s balance which, in turn, impact parameters like strength, stamina, and mobility. Optimal balance can be achieved by arranging the equipment to hinder the player as little as possible.


Death Stranding TGS - Exploration

While venturing out into the open world, players can plot their route to the next destination using markers. A terrain sensor shows the state of paths, which may be blue, yellow, or red. Blue-colored terrain is safe to cross. Yellow means that the path is hard to traverse and can drain a good amount of the player’s stamina. Red indicates that the path is dangerous and can cause the player to lose their footing.

Death Stranding TGS - Exploration

Checking the stability of terrain is important, as the cargo the player carries may get damaged or break if they fall down. Many missions, including optional ones, require the player to deliver packages and lost items to various destinations. Rewards are obtained for completing deliveries, which vary depending on the state of the item upon arrival.

Side Missions

Death Stranding TGS - Side Missions

Side missions are optional tasks that players can complete while exploring the world. Clearing them will reward the player with various useful items. In the video, the player found lost cargo that belonged to a person known as “The Musician.” Upon returning it, the player received a harmonica.


Death Stranding TGS - Likes

Likes are a type of currency used in the game world. They are earned after completing missions and interacting with BB or other players online. It is assumed that they are the means to purchase and upgrade equipment. Other uses of the currency have yet to be revealed.


Death Stranding TGS - BB

Accompanying the player on their travels is BB, a baby encased in a portable container filled with liquid. BB will assist the player in a number of ways. Among these is granting the ability o see the location of enemies in an area.

BB’s mood constantly changes throughout the player’s journey. The infant becomes anxious when sensing danger, as seen when the player tried to cross the river’s strong current.

More of BB’s abilities are expected to be revealed in future gameplay videos.


Death Stranding TGS - Resting

Players can rest during missions to recover their health or spend some time with BB. The player was seen playing the harmonica for BB, making the infant happy and rewarding them with a “like.”

Online Features

Death Stranding TGS - Online Features

Traces of other players, including dropped items and tools, can be found when playing online. You can use things like ladders and rope that were left behind to cross terrain. Containers with items can be restored using repair spray to open them. Players can also “like” traces left by other people online.

Death Stranding TGS - Online Features

Players can help each other during boss battles, allowing them to share weapons and items. In the demo, the player received a blood bag from another person online. A chiral crystal was rewarded for defeating the boss through such interactions.



Death Stranding TGS - Strand

The strand is a non-lethal weapon used “to bind human enemies from behind and parry attacks at close quarters.” Pressing the L2 button readies the strand while R2 binds targets.

Bola Gun

Death Stranding TGS - Bola Gun

Another non-lethal weapon, the Bola Gun “binds targets within firing range.” The gun shoots out two strands that immobilizes or stuns humans and BTs. It can be aimed using the L2 button and fired with R2.

The length and range of the strands can be increased by holding down the R2 button.

Hematic Grenade

Death Stranding TGS - Hematic Grenade

A weapon “designed for use against BTs.” The hematic grenade requires blood bags or the player’s own blood to use. It can be aimed and thrown with the L2 and R2 buttons respectively.

The explosive can be hurled farther by holding the R2 button.

Power Skeleton

Death Stranding TGS - Power Skeleton

A piece of armor for the legs that increases the player’s carrying capacity. As seen in the demo, it allows the player to leap over a wide ravine without being hindered by their cargo.

Recharging Spring

Death Stranding TGS - Recharging Springs

Recharging springs are found all over the world where players can bathe. Many pieces of equipment are powered by batteries, including BB. Recharging springs should be visited to restore the usage of tools during missions.

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