Death Stranding - TGS Briefing Trailer

Death Stranding's "Briefing" trailer reveals more of the game's deep narrative at Tokyo Game Show 2019. The game will launch on November 8th, 2019.

Death Stranding TGS 2019 Briefing Trailer

Tokyo Game Show Briefing Trailer

Death Stranding, the upcoming open-world action game from Metal Gear series’ creator Hideo Kojima, is set for release on November 8th, 2019. Ahead of its anticipated launch, a trailer titled “Briefing” was shown at Tokyo Game Show on September 12th. The video shed some light on the game’s enigmatic narrative.

Source: Official Playstation Youtube
The trailer shows the main character Sam in a meeting with Die-Hardman and a holographic projection of Amelie at what is presumably the home of the president of the United Cities of America. Die-Hardman and Amelie recount their efforts working for the Bridges company to rebuild the UCA after the global catastrophe known as “death stranding.”

A team from Bridges lead by Amelie had gone on an expedition to reunite America’s cities. Traveling as far as the pacific, they encounter the terrorist organization Homo Demens at Edge Knot City. Homo Demens is one of many anarchist groups violently opposed to centralized government. Amelie is taken prisoner as an insurance policy to prevent the UCA from taking any action against her captors.

Amelie and Die-Hardman persuade Sam to continue Amelie’s mission and rescue her from Homo Demens. Sam flatly refuses their plea, embittered by his past while in Bridges.

The briefing trailer presents a more straightforward telling of the game’s story compared to previously released promotional material. Fans have been wanting to get a solid grasp of Death Stranding’s deeply philosophical narrative. This latest video may very well be Hideo Kojima’s answer to it.

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