Death Stranding - What We Know About Multiplayer So Far

Multiplayer is expected to be an important feature in Death Stranding, allowing for new and interesting ways to interact with other players online.

Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Death Stranding

Central to Death Stranding’s narrative is the theme of “connections.” These were frequently discussed by game director Hideo Kojima in various promotional appearances. The creator of the acclaimed Metal Gear series has expressed his desire to create a new genre of gaming, one he calls the “social strand system.” Online interactions in Death Stranding are expected to heavily define Mr. Kojima’s newly-described category.

Here we list down all multiplayer features revealed so far. Most of these were revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2019.



Death Stranding - Multiplayer

While exploring the open world, players can know if other people are nearby. Echoes of other players can be heard by pressing the communication button.


Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Players can find traces of people online on their journey. Using the topography sensor will reveal footprints of other players who have passed through the area.

Sharing Tools

Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Other players can leave behind tools and equipment such as ladders, climbing anchors, and even shoes for people to use. It then becomes possible to traverse dangerous terrain even if the player does not have the necessary equipment. Using things placed by other players sends a like to its owner.

It is also important to note that since equipment can be upgraded, those left behind by other people may be more useful than what the player currently has. The climbing anchor’s rope, for instance, can be lengthened by refining it with the necessary materials. It is possible to find a deployed climbing anchor that the player can use to descend or ascend further than with the one they currently own.


Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Box-like containers dropped by other players can also be found while exploring. Depending on how long they have been abandoned, they may need to be restored to open them. Container repair spray must be used to collect the items inside.


Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Postboxes are storage spaces that allow players to share items and equipment. Things can be deposited in either public or private storage. Players can take anything they want from the public storage, provided that they can support the extra load. Private storage, on the other hand, is likely a cache that only the owner can access. The person who owns the postbox will get likes when other players use it.


Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Shelters are covered installations deployed by players. They provide refuge from the rain to prevent cargo from getting damaged. Shelters spray a restorative substance that repairs damaged cargo as well. Music plays when at a shelter, which is configured by the owner.

Safe Houses

Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Safe houses are personal hubs that provide players a break from missions. A variety of features can be accessed here, including interacting with Sam and BB, viewing currently owned equipment, customizing clothing and the backpack, and reading useful in-game information.

Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Players can visit the safe houses of other people online. Upon arriving at another person’s personal hub, a player will be greeted by music, a voice, and an avatar configured by its owner.

Connected players can help each other reinforce a safe house’s exterior, allowing it to withstand harsh weather. It is also possible to destroy the safe house of other players. The action, however, will only affect the world of the player who initiated it.

Boss Battles

Death Stranding - Multiplayer

Online interaction is also possible during boss battles. People can send and receive items and equipment to help each other against tough enemies. In the TGS 2019 demo, two people gave blood bags to the player during the catcher boss battle. This allowed the player to take down the foe using hematic grenades.

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