Boss Guide – Demon Lord Zaram [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the boss guide for Demon Lord Zaram. Please bear with our translations. We'll update it as soon as we get the game.

Demon Lord Zaram

Demon Lord Zaram is one of the big bosses of Dragon Quest Heroes 2. He’s probably what one would say is the final boss of the game. However, he’s no pushover. The Demon Lord Zaram has a variety of attacks that can take you down should you make the slightest mistake. In other words, you’re going to have some Dark Souls time when you’re fighting the Demon Lord Zaram.

Attack Patterns of Demon Lord Zaram (1st Phase)


Name Description
 “Clean Sweep”  Short-distance melee attack; he attacks with the Sword of Darkness
Demon Rush If the enemy is at a far distance, he’ll rush towards you with the sword of darkness. If you want to survive, guard or dodge if you can.
 “Ice Spell” He’ll charge up for an ice spell and blast icicles at you. If you want to survive, run to the back of the room. You can try hitting him with a Kazap spell if you have.
Kazap Light-based spell; He’ll use it after the “Ice Spell”. Should that happen, guard if you’re stuck to the ground.
Boom A big explosive attack. Explosive spell which is released in three consecutive times. Easily avoided if you keep on moving.
Kaboom This attack happens when the boss is half or less of its original HP.
Zam This attack usually strikes 3 times in a row. Keep moving and dodging before going in for the attack.
Kazammie This attack happens when the boss is half or less of its original HP. When the spell is cast, it’ll strike in the center so keep moving while you can.
Kazapple It uses it with less than half of HP. Both attack range and damage are terrifying. If you hit it you will get dazzled. Move at the last minute and avoid it the moment it lands.
Blaze Most It will be used when HP becomes 1/4 or less. It is an easy-to-avoid attack because it flies straight.
However, it hits great damage. So, watch out.


When fighting the Demon Lord Zaram, dodge out of the spell circles. After he starts casting his spell, move in to start attacking. However, there are times that the spell might be a AoE attack. Dodge or guard in order to keep dealing damage. The main important tactic for this battle is to watch his HP and to watch where his attacks land. When his HP reaches a certain level, he cast a different spell at different frequencies. To make things easier, distribute your characters across to keep the damage consistent.

Attack of Demon Lord Zaram (True Form) – 2nd Phase

Name Description
 “Hit” Attack with a huge arm
“Clean Sweep” Attack using huge arms. It has a broad range of attack.
“Gigaflash” High AoE damage with dazzle effect. The attack has a wide range and hits hard so, avoid with dodge and kiting.
Dark Breath Fires a dark breath attack in one straight line. Kite out immediately.
Shockwave He’ll jump in the air and release shockwaves. Dodge by jumping.
Dark Cage Don’t get trapped in here. It confines one of your teammates and deals massive damage. When you see a member trapped in the cage, destroy it immediately.
Power of the Holy Grail This attack deals heavy damage. Full heal all your characters before dealing as much damage as you can. Also, try interrupting it to avoid it being launched at you.


When your characters have High Tension, use it on the Holy Grail. While it is not completely its weak spot, it’ll definitely cause you problems if you don’t stop it immediately. In this case, all his attacks have a large range and high damage so you’re going to have to run. A lot. Time your attacks and continue kiting. Watch out also when his body exposes the Holy Grail which is found in his stomach. Destroy it right after fully healing your party members.

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  1. So the final boss of this game is harder than the last boss of TWTWATBB, then? I’m currently farming gold and exp.

    • Never mind, I took him down, only took me two tries. I used a party of the male proragonist as a Warrior, Caesar, Desdomona, and Meena. The pattern was easy enough to get, not to mention the right strategy in my opinion.