Boss Guide – Terry and Carver [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article is a guide for Terry and Carver boss fight. We'll update this as soon as we have more info.

Terry and Carver

Terry and Carver are two heroes that can become your teammates after defeating them. However, you can earn them after defeating them in the forest. Once you complete the Magical Forest, you’ll find both of them there.

terry and carver


Name  Terry
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Reward TBA


Name  Carver
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Reward TBA


Rely on the focus fire strategy. They don’t share the HP so you’ll really have to maximize the kind of damage you want depending on which person you target first. Both of them use melee attacks so using long range skills will make your lives easier.

Attacks for Terry

Name Description
Gust Slash
Envelops the sword in wind and creates a tornado in front of user.
Lightning Strike
Forcefully strikes the ground with the sword making strong lightning erupt through the ground.
Falcon Slash
Creates afterimages and performs a high speed slash in unity.
Miracle Slash
Temporarily restores health when attacking enemies.
Double-Edged Slash  Sacrifices part of the users HP to perform a powerful blow.
Mighty Slash / Super Mighty Slash / Über Mighty Slash Enlarges the sword swinging it downwards with all one’s might.
Mercurial Blade Performs a swift stab.
Clang Temporarily turns the user’s body into iron making them invulnerable.

Attacks for Carver

Ability Description
Knuckle Sandwich / Super Knuckle Sandwich / Über Knuckle Sandwich Charges the fist releasing it in a powerful lunge
Meditation Calms body and mind restoring health
Power Charge  Raises attack power temporarily
Imposing Stance  Raises defense temporarily
Flying Knee / Super Flying Knee / Über Flying Knee: Performs a flying knee technique in front of the user
Circumduction  Mows down nearby enemies with large sweeping attacks
Rock Drop  Picks up a rock then jumps into the air throwing it straight down.
Cyclone Uppercut Performs a large uppercut that creates a tornado that flings enemies away.

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