Side Quests 11-20 Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]


Side Quests 11-20 Guide

This article contains the compilation of the “Material effect upgrades” Quests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the prerequisite, Area, Time limit, Reward, and Conditions to obtain the increase in potency of certain items.

The Side Quests generally consist of 3 which include: Unlocking items from the Blacksmith, Promoting the Profession, and Unlocking Pathways.

Unlocking items from the Blacksmith

Part 11

Objective Delivery of Malicite x 1, and Faerie fluff x 1
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Increases the items sold from the blacksmith’s shop
Prerequisite Talk to the Smith in the Desert of darkness

To find the Faerie fluff, you should search for Genie sanguini at B-5 in the Meadow of darkness.

As for Malicite, you need to hunt for any of the following enemies.

  • Wight king which spawns in the Dark wilderness (near D-7) drops it at a low chance.
  • Over at Amal canyon (near F-5/D-6), Zombie gladiator also drops it.

Part 12

Objective Finish the Sneak Mission
Area Cretia
Time limit None
Reward Thief’s Key


  • Progress until you reach the Boss King Daral.
  • Raise the Hero (Thief) to level 20.
  • Talk to person near D-4 of Zebion.
  • Purchase the 3000 G worth Orb from the Orb shop.


Using the Hero (Thief) proceed to Cretia then choose “Retrieve the Carved Message from the jail cell.”

Once you initiate this Mission, make sure to avoid all the patrolling enemies as this will immediately result in a game over. Sneak past to the Southeast section then open the jail cell. Interact with the 3 monsters inside. As soon as they stall the 2 enemies, this allows you to creep past them.

Promoting the Profession

Part 13

Objective Defeat monsters x 250
Area Great canyon (South) – Free battle
Time limit 15 minutes
Reward Gladiator class


After defeating Missing lynx, speak to the Job changer with your Warrior/Martial Artists class (lv 20).

Start the Free battle and take out all the monsters. Learn to dodge effectively as only the Hero will be entered into the battle. If your chosen class is the warrior, deal some long-ranged attacks such as Diamond dust.

Do not hesitate to dash in order to defeat all enemies before the time expires.

Part 14

Objective Defeat monsters x 250
Area Forest of darkness Trial
Time limit 15 minutes
Reward Sage class


Begin the Free Battle and take out all 250 monsters using the Hero/ Sage/ Priest class.

One of the best Skills to use is Kazap, Luceus is one of the recommended characters as he has this in possession. It deals heavy damage with a wide Area of Effect.

Keep an eye for the enemies concentrated in B-3 at the Northwest square. The enemies will respawn after you return to the area.

Part 15

Objective Defeat 30 enemy types
Area None
Time limit 15 minutes
Reward Increases maximum weapon proficiency level to 20.
Prerequisite ??

Defeating 2 types a minute is recommended to clear this Quest.

Unlocking Pathways

Part 16

Objective Clear “Densetsu no sōbi e no michi” (Defeat all enemies)
Area Monster forest
Time limit None
Reward Removes the magic barrier blocking Ihrim Snowfield (C-5)
4 treasure chests can be found.
Prerequisite Defeat Twin Kings

To clear this Quest, you need to finish the challenge “Densetsu no sōbi e no michi” found in the Monster forest.

Before taking on this Quest, be sure to accumulate a significant amount of levels and obtain decent gears for combat.

Part 17

Objective Defeat all enemies using party combos
Area Canyon of darkness
Time limit None
Reward Removes the magic barrier blocking Amal canyon (G-2).
2 treasure chests can be found.
Prerequisite ??

Both enemies needed to defeat spawn in the Canyon of Darkness. To hunt Bullion, head to D-5/E-7; whereas Axesaurus also appears in D-5, and farther at F-4.

Part 18

Objective Defeat at least 15 enemies simultaneously with a coup de grâce.
Area Tower of Legend (Middle layer): Free Battle
Time limit 20 minutes
Reward Removes the magic barrier blocking Rao wasteland (C-4).
2 treasure chests can be found.
Prerequisite Clear Part 17

Corpse corporal spawns at Area 2 (D-3).

Part 19

Objective Deliver Slimedrop x 2, and Grubby bandage x 5
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Repairs the bridge between Greene and Golda.
Prerequisite Defeat Cesar

To obtain a Slimedrop, you need to hunt for any of the following monsters.

  • Slime spawns in Greene grasslands.
  • She-slime appears in the Golda desert.
  • Another option is to hunt for the King slime which dwell in Rozas woodlands.
  • Slimification appears in Rozas woodlands.

On the other hand, one of these monsters hold the Grubby bandage.

  • Mummy boy spawns in the Battle of Golda desert.
  • Mummy appears in Battle of Amal canyon.
  • Walking corpse spawns in the Monster forest.
  • To find Corpse corporal, reach for Battle of Zebion.

Part 20

Objective Defeat Candy cats x 10 with Fire spells and abilities
Area Greene grasslands
Time limit None
Reward Opens the path that connects to the (F-5) Eastern forest in Greene.
Prerequisite Interact with the guard at D-4 Zebion once you reach Fame level 2.

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