Main Quest Walkthrough – Rozas Woodlands [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]


This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Rozas Woodlands” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Rozas Woodlands

Cretia to Rozas Woodlands

  • Head to Cretia
  • Proceed Northeast, then head to the flag’s position (Cretia Gate)
  • Guards are stationed on D-5, so the group cannot move forward.
  • Reach the Cretia Gate.
  • Talk to guards, gain access to the graveyeard.
  • Operate the D-6 stone monument.
  • Avoid encountering the sleeping Boss Troll at E-6.
  • Head to the bridge that connects to the Demon Woodlands (E-7)
  • Find the keeper of the forest “Orenka.”
  • Move to the Battle Stage “Orenka.”
  • Battle “Oretchi’s way to live.”
  • Speak to the Rozas Woodlands Keeper.
  • Head to the “Magical Forest” Battle Stage.

Rozas Forest Treasure Boxes / Glitter Place

※ 1st Blue is unlocked when you can go to the Wilderness of Lao.
※ 2nd Blue is unlocked  by examining the “Amal Gorge” side after befriending Meena.
※ 3rd Blue is unlocked when you befriend the Kyril.

Treasure box location

Please excuse our crude translation of Japanese. We will update this as soon as an English version comes out.

Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 B-5 Ring of immunity
2 D-3 Genki Ball
3 D-5 Scale Orb
4 C-7 Magical Shield
5 C-6 600 G
6 F-3 Pitch Pearl
7 F-2 Mini Medal
8 E-4 2000 G
9 E-4 (key) Magical Orb

Glitter Place

※ Random Drops

Number Place Items
1 C-3 Emerald moss
2 C-3 Belle cap
3 C-3 Purification water
4 D-4 Belle cap
5 C-4 Emerald moss
6 B-4 Belle cap
7 C-5 Emerald moss
8 C-6 Belle cap
9 C-5 Narspicious
10 D-4 Belle cap
11 D-4 Green glue
12 E-3 Belle cap
13 E-2 Belle cap
14 E-3 Belle cap
15 C-6 Royal soil
16 D-7 Royal soil
17 E-6 Royal soil
18 E-6 Royal soil
19 D-7 Royal soil
20 C-7 Royal soil
21 C-7 Royal soil
22 B-7 Belle cap
23 B-7 Belle cap
24 B-6 Belle cap
25 F-5 Elastic twig
26 G-4 Elastic twig
27 F-4 Cotton grass
28 F-3 Silk grass
29 G – 3 Elastic twig
30 E-4 Glinting grass
31 F-4 Glinting grass

Monsters in Rozas Woodlands Area

List of Monsters

Monster name Dropping Material Emerging Area
Bubble slime Manky mud (rare)
Emerald moss
Around Zebion
Brownie Beast hide (rare) Surroundings of Zebion, Surroundings of Crete
Metal slime Metal Jelly (Rare)
Molten globules (Rare)
Metal Key
Zebion – Cemetery
Lost Soul Narspicious (rare)
Elastic twig
Zebion – Cemetery
Healslime Cotton grass (rare)
Purified water
All regions
Drackmage Wing of bat(rare)
Scholar’s specs
King slime Slimedrop (rare)
Restless heart
I want to have decided? Grubby bandage (rare)
Cruel claw
Hood Pale pearl (rare)
Gold rosary
Lost Soul Iron ore (rare)
Ruby of protection
Surroundings of Cretia
Chimaera Slipweed(rare)
Fluffy feather
Surroundings of Cretia

Rozas Woodlands Battle Strategy

Oretchi’s way to live

List of Monsters

  • Float-o-copier
  • Mischievous Macho
  • Mischievous Tactician
  • Naughty Baby
  • Mischievous Hood
  • Magus
  • Imp
  • Bodkin Fleetcher
  • Hood

Treasure Box Locations

A-3 …… Pier End
B-4 …… Edge of the Storeroom
D – 1 …… Because the opposite of the Keeper of Oku

  • Talk to entrance Guard.
  • Interact with the girl in G-2.
  • Talk to the Guard found at G-4.
  • Answering either will prompt a battle against the Float-o-copier.
  • It will flee once its HP falls to 50%.
  • At C-2, when you trigger an event, the group will enter an open area.
  • When you reach G-3, an encounter will commence.
  • Defeat the enemies that have less HP than the Float-o-copier’s. You will encounter more enemies in another round. Once you finish all the enemies, take out the Float-o-copier, to finish it.

Boss Fight: Elder Tree

Requires at least level 30. The Elder Tree attacks by whipping its vines which ensnare the player’s movements. The best weapon to use against it are Fire-endowed ones due to their burning potential. This temporarily immobilizes the enemy.

Boss Fight: Boss troll

Similar to the Elder Tree, it is recommended to raise the party to level 30 to have a higher chance at defeating the Boss troll. Focus on dodging as its attacks deal immense damage.

Stone Monument Locations

· E-3
· D-6
· G-3

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