Job Class Guide: Warrior [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for the Warrior Job Class.


The Warrior class is a class that balances both attack and defense. Not only do they have the defense to take in damage but, they can also lay in a lot of hits before getting struck down. However, the main disadvantage of this class is its melee and short ranged attacks. Because of this, it gets quite annoying especially when your enemy relies heavily on ranged attacks.

Tips for building a Warrior

Since you have a high base attack power, you can focus building the defense. However, this entirely depends on how you play. If you plan to use up your enemy’s skills, go on tank build. Build up your defense before smashing him down. However, if you want to build something similar to a Lightning Hitter, build up on the attack and maybe your crit rate as well. In doing so, you’ll end the battle quickly and also take in less damage. But take note, each build has its weaknesses. Tank builds are susceptible to magic and may force you to spend more time destroying your enemy whereas, a Lightning Hitter may have you dead at a snap of a finger.

Equippable Weapons

Job Skills

Name Skill Description Level SP Weapon of Choice
 Freezing Sword Envelop your sword in ice and attack. Small chance of freezing the enemy One-handed sword
 Armor Break  This sword’s ability reduces defense and speed while dealing damage. When this ability stacks, it’s easier to bring down enemies especially with high HP. 15 5 Axe
 Parry  This skill stops an attack in its tracks and allows you to stun an enemy. It allows you to lessen the incoming damage and you can use it with any weapon. One-handed Sword
Storm Blade Shoot a lightning bolt from your blade in a straight line. 15 5 Twin Swords
Impulse Thrust Give a powerful blow to the front 15 5 One-handed Sword
Knockdown Knocks down an enemy 0 6 All Weapons
Debuff Removes all buffs on the enemy 0 12 All Weapons

Passive Ability


This trait allows your tension gauge to rise faster. When thetension gauge maxes out, it allows the warrior class to use more skills. The gauge rises as a warrior takes damage and attacks its enemies, allowing to access stronger and more fatal moves to bring down his enemies.

Stat Changes

Name Stat Increase
 HP +70
MP 0
STR +35
DEF +37

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