Knight Errant Monster Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the strategy for Knight Errant. We'll update this as we go along.

Knight Errant

The Knight Errant is a monster in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. You’ll come across this creature every so often especially in Cretia or Zebion. Sometimes, you’ll even find it wandering around the Castle of Darkness. The Knight Errant wears silver armor with a pair of red boxing gloves and shoes.

Knight Errant


Name  Knight Errant
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Reward TBA


It will appear with 2 Golems,  a Grinade, 2 Mummy Men. This might make the battle more challenging considering it has a variety of attacks that can deal damage. Take out the minor enemies before focusing on the Knight Errant himself. He will charge in and attack every now and then. But the best way to take him out is to kite him.


Please do bear with us. Japanese is not my first language and therefore translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Name of Attack Description
Rush Lunges forward with a shield.
Axe Strike Charges forward with a swinging axe.
Jump Attack Leaps high into the air to attack.

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