Main Quest Walkthrough – Greena Pastures [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a full walkthrough for the Main Quest Greena Pastures in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including enemies, objectives and strategy.

Main Quest Walkthrough – Greena Pastures

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  • When you reach the field, head north along the road.
  • On you way, you will encounter a traveling merchant (Torneko) where a cutscene will play. You’ll need to defeat some enemies here.
  • Once you’ve defeated the enemies, Torneko will join your party.
  • Head to stone monument in the east forest.
  • At the end of the quest, head to Zebion.

Green Prairie Treasure Chest Locations

  • The big tree in the area for Treasure Box 1 (blue marker) will open when Hassan joins your party.
  • You may proceed to the area to get to Treasure Box 2 (blue marker) after defeating the Arch Demon.

Number Location Coordinates Item
1 F-5 Gold Nugget
2 G – 3 Energy Ball
3 F-4 (key) Mini Medal
4 D-3 350 G
5 F-6 3000 G
6 C-4 Rabbit Amulet
7 C-3 (key) Mini Medal

Glittering Points

  • Items obtained may be random
Number Location Coordinates Item
1 D – 6 Cotton Grass
2 E-6 Butterfly Fish
3 F-6 Cruel Plant
4 E-5 Flint Stone
5 E-4 Sturdy Stick
6 F-4 Sturdy Stick
7 G-4 Sturdy Stick
8 F-3 Sturdy Stick
9 F-2 Cotton Grass
10 D-3 Butterfly Fish
11 E-2 Sturdy Stick
12 F-4 Sturdy Stick
13 E-4 Butterfly Fish
14 D-5 Cotton Grass
15 C-6 Flint Stone
16 E-7 Cotton Grass
17 F-2 Cotton Grass
18 G-5 Cruel Plant
19 G-6 Cruel Plant
20 F-5 Cruel Plant
21 C-6 Silk Grass
22 B-6 Silk Grass
23 B-5 Butterfly Fish
24 C-5 Butterfly Fish
25 C-3 Silk Grass
26 B-3 Silk Grass
27 B-4 Silk Grass


Monsters Encountered

Monster Drops Areas Encountered
Slime Salvation Salt
(Rare) Slimedrop
Around Olenka
Slime Knight Iron Ore
(Rare) Slime Earrings
Olenka, whole of Zebion
Drackmage Wing of Bat
(Rare) Horse Manure
Forest near E-4
Candy Cat Beast Hide
(Rare) Kitty Litter
Around Zebion
Crack-billed Platypunk Beast hide Around Zebion
Teeny Sanguini Fresh Milk
(Rare) Pale Pearl
Around Zebion
Great Sabrecat Fierce Fang
(Rare) Meteorite Bracer
Ihrim Snowfield

Strategy for Strong Enemies

Battling the Rogue Group

Hood / Platypunks / Candy Cat

You can easily defeat them if you take out the monsters with ranged attacks first. Then, focus your attacks on the Hood. Hood hide in bushes, but you can attack them while hiding. If you catch them by surprise, they can easily be dealt with.

Battling the Hunter Mech

Hunter Mech

This enemy is weak to thunder and will be very easy to defeat one you hit it with the element.

Battling the Tyrantosaurus

The Tyrantosaurus is a formidable enemy and is quite similar to deal with as Battlerex. It has high HP and attack power, so it is recommended that you reach at least level 25 before engaging it.

Stone Monuments Locations

  • D-6
  • F-4

Connected Areas

Zebion (Zebion Locations)

World Exploration Basics

Outside of combat (exploration), HP and MP will gradually replenish while the former won’t in combat. You will automatically wield your weapon when engaging combat with enemies, or if you are attacked. The weapons are automatically put away if there are no enemies in the area.

You can dash by pressing the R2 button while wielding weapons.

Stone Monuments

The Stone Monuments allow you to warp to other areas using a Ruler Stone.

Named Monsters

You will occasionally encounter Named Monsters in the game. These are stronger than their regular relatives. They may drop rare items  as well as yield more EXP when you defeat them.

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