Playable Demo Released [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

Omega Force and Square Enix release a playable demo of the game on the Playstation 4 in line with the anticipated released of the game this month.

With the anticipated release of Dragon Quest Heroes II, Omega Force and Square Enix continue to fan hype for the sequel to the RPG franchise’s foray into Musou-style gameplay by putting out a playable demo on the Playstation 4. This gives eager fans the chance to get a feel for the game’s action-based combat, beautifully rendered worlds, battlefields and storyline.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Playable Demo Released

Released on April 5, the playable demo allows players to choose 4 out of the 15 heroes in the game to test your mettle and skill against the armies of the enemy kingdoms. Certain quests will also be accessible, shedding light into Dragon Quest Heroes II’s lore. Also of particular interest are the amount of weapons, armor and skills that characters will be able to use which is an undeniable element of RPGs since time immemorial.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer below for some awesome gameplay footage of the game! We’re already awed by the stunning visuals and cast of diverse characters (not to mention watching out for familiar faces from the past games).

Source: Youtube

Dragon Quest Heroes II comes out on April 25, 2017. Head to our Dragon Quest Heroes II Wiki page for game guides, walkthroughs, and trips and tricks once the game hits the shelves!



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