Space-Time Labyrinth Boss Guide – King Daral (Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a strategy guide on how to defeat King Daral, a boss found in the Space-Time Labyrinth of Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

King Daral

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Name King Daral
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Drops TBA
Location Space-Time Labyrinth (Altar of the Demon)


As you approach the altar, three magic wind glyphs will appear and generate big tornadoes. Stay mobile and dodge them to avoid taking heavy damage.

At 50% health, King Daral will use a gigantic sword that sends shockwaves with every swing. Its wind attacks will also become purple, dealing more damage to targets.


Attack Description
Running Shockwave ???
Wind Brace A gust of wind released that goes around clockwise.
Vacuum Explosion Generates a vacuum that draw enemies to it. When it glows purple, it will explode.
Front Rush ???
Vacuum Blades Generates two vacuum blades that attack in front of it.
Restrain Binds a target, immobilizing them.
Frontal Tornado Conjures a tornado in front of it.
Wind Bullets Fires high-speed gusts at targets.
Wind Glyphs Conjures three Wind Glyphs at the altar. A large tornado will form in the one that glows red.
Wind Sword Shockwave At 50% HP or less, King Daral will use a gigantic sword that releases a shockwave in front of it.
Lightning Strikes At 50% HP or less, King Daral will summon lightning to randomly strike the battlefield.

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