Space-Time Labyrinth Boss Guide – Night Clubber [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a strategy guide on how to defeat the Knight Clubber, a boss found in the Space-Time Labyrinth of Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

Night Clubber

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Name Night Clubber
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Drops TBA
Location Space-Time Labyrinth (The Red Demon)


The Night Clubber’s attacks will cause shockwaves upon impact. It will also be accompanied by a Pruslas at the start of the fight. At 80% HP, the boss will summon two Mandrake Majors and Black Woodchucks. At 60% HP, it will summon two more Mandrake Majors, two Stout Trolls and two Black Woodchucks.

At 30% HP, it will summon a Demon Door and a Red Dragon. Quickly take out the minions as fast as possible when they appear while being mindful of the shockwaves coming at you.


Attack Description
Frontal Club Swing Smashes the club in front of it. Causes a shockwave. Has a long recovery time, allowing you to attack it when it misses.
Double Club Strike Swings the club left and right, each swing causing an explosion.
??? ???
Jumping Shockwave Jumps up to cause a massive shockwave on the ground. You can try to jump to avoid being hit with the wave.
Blaze Throws flame from its mouth in a straight line.

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