Tarot Card Skills List [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains all tarot card skills in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including their required proficiency levels in the game.

Tarot Card Skills List

*Please note that some of the terms are roughly translated from the original Japanese version of Dragon Quest Heroes 2. We will be updating this page when new information becomes available.

Meena’s Skills (Tarot Card)

Click here to go to Meena’s Character Page for a detailed list of her attacks.

Weapon Proficiency
★×1 Tarot Shuffle
★×2 Devil
★×3 Magic +15
★×4 Attack Power +5
★×5 Magic +15
★×6 Attack Power +5
★×7 Fool
★×8 Magic +15
★×9 Moon
★×10 Max MP +10
★×11 Tower
★×12 Magic +15
★×13 Death
★×14 Max MP +10
★×15 Attack Power +20
★×16 Max MP +10
★×17 Magic +15
★×18 Max MP +10
★×19 Slight increase to invincibility frames when dodging
★×20 Attack Power +20

Party Skills (Tarot Card)

Level Skill Point Cost Skill Name Effect
5 3 MP Speech Treatment 4% chance of not consuming MP when casting a spell or using an ability
10 3 Tacit Understanding Reduces the MP cost of party combos
15 2 Scala of Revenge Increases defense for a short period of tiime after a party member dies
??? 4 皇帝のカード Decreases weapon proficiency earned but increases experience earned


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