Super Mario RPG Remake - Battle System Guide

Battle System Guide for Super Mario RPG Remake, including button inputs in battle, Action Commands, basics of combat, and other useful tips.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Battle System Guide

Battle System Guide in Super Mario RPG Remake

Press the A button to do a normal attack.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Attack

Pressing the A button lets a character perform a normal attack which does not consume FP and can be used over and over again. This makes normal attacks extremely useful during any battle. In the remake version, timing Action Commands perfectly during normal attacks lets you damage all enemies at once. Successive normal attacks with timed Action Commands, meanwhile, let you build up “chains” that grant buffs to your team in battle.

Press the Y button to use Special Moves.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Special Move Action Command

Pressing Y button allows you to execute a character’s Special Move at the cost of FP (Flower Points). Each character has their own unique set of Special Moves. Their effects range from dealing strong physical or elemental damage, applying support effects like buffs, or healing HP.

In addition to pressing buttons at the right time, some Special Move Action Commands require button rapid button presses and even directional pad operation. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use each type of Special Move for each character in the game.

Press the X button to use items.

Pressing the X button will let you use items. Consumables not only restore your HP, FP, or revive allies but can also be used to deal damage or apply support effects so use them based on the situation in battle. 

In the original version, items sometimes triggered a “jackpot” after being used and there were times when the item could be used without actually consuming it. It is unknown if the jackpot system will be in the remake.

Note that the jackpot effect is not something you can activate on purpose as it is mostly triggered by chance only.

Press the B button to defend or run.

Pressing B button will make the selected character defend or flee from the battle. If you have nothing else to do or want to prepare for an enemy’s attack, use defend.

Successfully inputting the run Action Command, meanwhile, lets all allies flee from battle, causing the encounter to end immediately. There is, however,  for escape to fail so check the current HP of the entire party first before deciding whether to run or not.

Action Command

Time button presses to gain the advantage in battle

Super Mario RPG Remake - Normal Attack Action Command

By pressing buttons at specific windows during battle, your attacks will deal more damage than normal on targets. Similarly, inputting a button with good timing when attacked may minimize the damage you receive from an enemy’s own attack.

Action Command timing is indicated by the “!” (exclamation point) appearing above your character when performing attacks or when about to be hit by the enemy. This feature was added in the remake to make combat easier compared to the original version which did not have the visual indicator.

Unleash Triple Moves when the Triple Move gauges is full

Super Mario RPG Remake - Triple Move

In the remake, if you fill up the Triple Move gauge to 100%, you can use Triple Move. The Triple Move gauge will fill up each time you successfully execute an action command, so be sure to know the timing of each action command and fill up the Triple Move gauge.

Specific Enemy Attack can disabled Action Commands

Super Mario RPG Remake - Can't Block

Certain enemies attack throughout the main story can disable Action Commands, denying you the chance to exploit the mechanic during battle. For these situations, it is recommended to rely on using better equipment and employing keener strategy to win the fight.

An indicator in red will appear in the top right below an ability’s name whenever Action Commands are disabled.

Raise Chain with successful Action Commands

Super Mario RPG Remake - Chain

In the remake, Successfully performing attack and defense Action Commands will increase the number of Chains that will activate various buffs, including stat boosts, that grant your party the advantage in battle.

Basics of Combat

Up to 3 party members can fight at once.

In Super Mario RPG Remake, the number of playable party members increases as you progress through the story. You can, however, only have up to three active members at a time. As you play the game, you will find the need to constantly switch out characters in advance according to the enemy you will face and the tactics you might want to employ during combat.

Combat Tips

The key to victory in the game is the proper use of each battle command (Attack, Special Move, Items and Defend) and the success of Action Commands. Use skills that are effective against the enemy and perform Action Commands correctly to deal great damage. Some action commands may be disabled due to enemy boss gimmicks or status abnormalities and using only one strategy may be dangerous. Don’t forget to recover your HP/FP and replenish your items too.

Abnormal status effect can be cured with items and moves

Abnormal Status Effect Details
Scarecrow Can’t deal physical attacks and use items
Poison Deals damage over time
Silence Can’t use special moves
Sleep Unable to act until you wake up
Mushroom Unable to act but recover HP over time
Fear Attack and Defense is cut by half

Your allies may suffer from abnormal conditions which will be disadvantageous for your team. You can cure abnormal status effects with items such as Able Juice. so try to cure dangerous abnormal status effect immediately.

Prevent abnormal status effect with accessories

Abnormal Status Effect Accessories
Scarecrow Trueform Pin
Poison Antidote Pin
Silence Wake Up Pin
Sleep Wake Up Pin
Mushroom Trueform Pin
Fear Fearless Pin

Some accessories can nullify status ailments. If you equip gear that resists abnormal conditions, you no longer need any curative items. Because of this, try consider what accessories to equip when facing enemies that inflict powerful status ailments.

Super Mario RPG Remake Accessories List

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