Super Mario RPG Remake - Permanent Events and Missable Features

Permanent events and missable features guide for Super Mario RPG Remake (2023), including all unchangeable decisions, missable weapons, equipment, items and events, lock-in choices, and points-of-no-return during the game's main story.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Permanent Event and Missable Features

Permanent Events and Missable Features Guide for Super Mario RPG Remake

The main character’s name (Mario) cannot be changed.

Upon starting a New Game, you will only be given the chance to enter the main character’s name (Mario) once. Afterwards, you cannot change it at any point during the main story.

The hidden chest in Mushroom Kingdom can only be found during your first visit.

A secret treasure chest that contains Frog Coins only appears during your first visit Mushroom Kingdom. The hidden chest, sitting out of view on top of the door of the hallway, can be reached by climbing on top of Toad and jumping up.

The Mushroom Kingdom warehouse chests are replenished after clearing Bandit’s Way.

The chests found inside the Mushroom Kingdom warehouse will be replenished after you have cleared Bandit’s Way. Because of this, it is worth looting the chests on your first visit and then coming back after going through Bandit’s Way to obtain double the number of obtainable items.

You can get a Flower Tab, Mushroom, and 10 Coins for opening all the chests inside the warehouse. Be sure to return to the room later to get another set of the items mentioned.

Gifts from Mushroom Kingdom residents during the Shyster attack cannot be obtained after defeating Mack.

Items given by various NPC residents of the Mushroom Kingdom during the Shyster invasion become permanently missable after you defeat Mack as summarized in the table below.

NPC Gift How to Get
Lookout Toad on the Right 10 Coins
Light Blue Toad (Southeast) Flower Tab Give him back the wallet that Croco dropped.
Toad Family (West House) Flower Tab Defeat the 3 Shysters.
Red Toad (Mushroom Castle, Northeast) Wake Up Pin
Red Toad (Peach’s Room) Flower Tab Rescue all Toads in the castle.

Accessories Obtained by Avoiding Certain Boss Battles


Avoiding getting caught by Booster’s Snifits by hiding in the curtains will trigger a special sequence where Mario helps Booster retrieve his Mario Doll. Meeting this condition will result in Booster giving you the Amulet accessory as thanks.

The item grants its wearer +7 in Physical and Magic Attack and Defense and halves the damage taken from elemental attacks. The Amulet, however, reduces Speed by 5.


Eluding Dodo as he pecks at the statues in Valentina’s statue room, meanwhile, lets you obtain the Feather accessory. Equipping the accessory increases a character’s Speed by 20 and improves Physical and Magic Defense by 5.

All items (including rare equipment and quest items) disappear permanently when sold at shops.

Most items in the game can be sold at shops which means that it is possible to permanently lose rare equipment and even quest items if you offload them by accident. The game does not have a buy-back or similar feature so selling items is entirely irreversible.

Should this happen, you may find it more difficult to take on tougher battles (if you sold off any of the best weapons, armor, and accessories) later or be completely locked out of completing specific side quests in the game.

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