Super Mario RPG Remake - Coin Farming Guide

Coin farming guide for Super Mario RPG Remake (2023), including the best ways to get Coins fast, recommended methods to farm money during the early, middle, and late game stages, and other useful tips.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Coin Farming Guide

Coin Farming Guide for Super Mario RPG Remake

Early Game Farming Method

Defeat enemies and sell dropped items.

One of the best ways to farm Coins during the early stages of Super Mario RPG Remake is to simply defeat enemies as you collect each Star Piece in the game. You can accumulate a decent amount of money this way, though you will want to turn to other sources to during the later stages.

Selling Pure Water

It is also possible to farm money by selling items dropped by enemies in battle at shops. The undead-type enemies in Kero Sewers, for instance, will yield Pure Water upon defeat which can be sold for 75 Coins each.

This method works wonders for piling up cash easily so feel free to collect Pure Water from undead monsters at any stage in the game.

Mid Game Farming Method

Farm Coins from Shoguns in Land’s End desert area.

Upon obtaining the fifth Star Piece, you will gain access to desert area of Land’s End where ant-like enemies called Shoguns appear. Jumping on a Shogun causes the curious insect to drop 10 Coins. Do this repeatedly and you should rack up a hefty amount of cash in no time.

Shoguns also give Frog Coins.

A Frog Coin will drop from a Shogun if you manage to jump on in three times in a row. This is arguably the simplest way to farm the rare currency in the game, though you will need to progress significantly in the story to gain access to Land’s End.

Super Mario RPG Remake Frog Coin Farming Guide

Hit the three Belome statues in the correct order to gain access to treasure rooms containing Coins and other loot.

The three Belome fortune statues found in Belome Temple can be hit in specific sequences to give you entry into treasure room that house different types of loot. Note that you will need to pay the Shaman guarding the statues 50 Coins each time you want to farm a specific room for Coins as well as Frog Coins.

Order Room Contents
Left, Middle, Right Yoshi Cookies or Mushrooms
Left, Right, Middle Yoshi Cookies
Right, Left, Middle 100 Coins or Frog Coin
Right, Middle, Left 100 Coins
Middle, Left, Right Enemies
Middle, Right, Left Enemies

Super Mario RPG Remake Belome Temple Fortune Guide

Croaka Cola buy low, sell high.

You can also buy Croaka Colas at the Marrymore Hotel Suite for 150 Coins each and sell them for 200 Coins at any other shop in the game for a quick profit of 50 Coins per item sold.

Late Game Farming Method

Hit the infinite Coin box at Bowser’s Keep to get Coins.

The infinite Coin box at Bowser’s Keep that leads to the Weapon World towards the end of the game can also be farmed for Coins. Just hit it once to get a Coin and re-enter the area to hit it again.

Defeat late-game enemies at the Weapon World.

Late-game enemies, particularly the Machine Speardovich copies, can be farmed to obtain lots of Coins as well. Just make sure that you are running a fairly strong party with end-game equipment to clear out monsters fast if you want to grind for some money in the area.

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