Super Mario RPG Remake - Best Mallow Build

Best Mallow build guide for Super Mario RPG Remake (2023), including best stat bonuses via leveling, best equipment, weapons, armor, and accessories for Mallow, best party setups and Triple Moves, role in the party, strengths and weaknesses, and best abilities.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Best Mallow Build

Best Mallow Build Guide for Super Mario RPG Remake

Mallow Character Overview

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mallow (Story)

Notable Features
  • Special Move-focused character (mage) relying on FP to be effective
  • Access to multi-target attacks with elemental attributes to exploit enemy weaknesses
  • Has low physical attack power and HP

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Characters Tier List

Mage Specializing in Multi-Target Elemental Attacks

Mallow is the party’s token mage character who mostly uses Special Moves with different attributes to target all enemies. Mallow can also use support abilities to heal allies, though not as effectively as Peach can later in the game. During the early stages, Mallow will usually cover offensive duties that Mario is poor at.

Mallow’s usability somewhat falls off towards the end-game, mostly only being effective at exploiting elemental weaknesses during boss battles. Mallow’s low HP  may also require you to constantly use items or healing skills when enemies focus their attacks on him too often.

Despite this, Mallow resurfaces as a powerful ally in the battle against the hidden superboss Culex thanks to the Nimbus Prince’s command of different elemental magic. Mallow’s ability to use healing skills further improves your survivability against Culex’s hard-hitting attacks, granting Mallow added utility throughout the fight.

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Builds for Each Character

Best Stat Bonuses for Mallow

Character Bonus Priority
Super Mario RPG Remake - MallowMallow Super Mario RPG Remake - Physical (Stat Bonus)Attack and Defense  ★★★
Super Mario RPG Remake - HP(Stat Bonus)HP ★★★★
Super Mario RPG Remake -Magic (Stat Bonus)Magic Attack and Magic Defense (Best) ★★★★★

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Stat Bonuses for Each Character

Magic Attack and Magic Defense will obviously be the main parameters you want to focus on with Mallow to amplify the damage he deals using different elemental Special Moves. Note that the healing power of HP Rain is also improved when you increase Mallow’s Magic stat, making the investment all the more important.

Afterwards, put some points into improving Mallows HP to make up for his low durability. This is to give Mallow more staying power, especially when enemies target him too often during battle.

Best Equipment for Mallow

Best Equipment (Mallow)
Super Mario RPG Remake - MallowMallow
Super Mario RPG Remake - Weapon IconWeapon Sage Stick (Remake), Sonic Cymbal (Original)
Super Mario RPG Remake - Armor IconArmor Prince Pants
Super Mario RPG Remake - Accessory IconAccessory Troopa Pin

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Equipment for Each Character

Best Weapon for Mallow (Switch Remake Version): Sage Stick

The best weapon for Mallow in the remake version of the game is the Sage Stick that provides the Nimbus Prince with 80 Attack Power. The Sage Stick replaces the Sonic Cymbal as Mallow’s end-game armament as a means for him to contribute to the team offensively using normal attacks while conserving FP.

How to Get the Sage Stick

The Sage Stick is obtained by defeating Scratchy-Throat Belome (post-game rematch) in Belome Temple.

Best Weapon for Mallow (Original NES Version): Sonic Cymbal

The best weapon for Mallow in the original version of the game is the Sonic Cymbal which boasts 70 Attack Power (with a random variance of up to 7 points above and below).

How to Get the Sonic Cymbal

The Sonic Cymbal is obtained from a treasure chest at one of the Action Course challenges in Bowser’s Castle.

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Weapons for Each Character

Best Armor for Mallow: Prince Pants

At 48 defense and 24 magic defense, the Prince Pants is the best armor for Mallow in the game. The Prince Pants’ stats are identical to Mario’s Hero Shirt and Peach’s Royal Dress, though Mallow will be able to get more out of equipping his piece of gear due to his naturally low defense and HP.

How to Get the Prince Pants

Like all end-game armor, the Prince Pants can be purchased from Croco’s 2nd shop in Bowser’s Keep for 100 Coins.

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Armor for Each Character

Best Accessory for Mallow: Troopa Pin

The Troopa Pin is the best accessory for Mallow which allows the prince to deal 50% more damage with physical and magic attacks in addition to giving him +20 Speed.  This accessory greatly compensates for the prince’s naturally low damage when using normal attacks and is useful for conserving FP.

How to Get the Troopa Pin

The Troopa Pin is rewarded to you by Sergeant Flutter at Land’s End if you manage to complete the Sky Troopa race in under 12 seconds.

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Accessories for Each Character

Best Party Setups with Mallow

Mallow usually fills the dual role of both offense and support mage for the party during the early and mid stages. His performance in the latter job, however, will be greatly surpassed by Peach once you recruit her later in the game. Despite this, Mallow can work alongside the Mushroom Princess to give the party incredible survivability with two support mages.

Mallow’s access to different multi-target elemental spells means that he can wipe out groups of regular enemies with ease for the team by exploiting the weaknesses of his targets. It is also possible to have Mallow active during boss battles (especially against Culex) and even boss rematches, though be sure to equip him with better armor and accessories to prevent him from getting knocked out too often.

Early-Game Party with Mallow

Character Role
Super Mario RPG Remake - MarioMario Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - GenoGeno Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - MallowMallow Support

This party setup is recommended for clearing the game’s early locations, particularly from when you battle Bowyer to until before you reach Booster Tower.

Have both Mario and Geno focus on offensive duties while saving FP for Mallow to use HP Rain. Just be sure to watch Mallow’s own HP, especially during boss battles, as he cannot tank hits as well as his allies. To compensate for this, try to equip Mallow with better armor or use level up bonuses to improve his HP.

Geno, meanwhile, will be your main attacker near the beginning of the game, owing to his good damage numbers with Special Moves that have the neutral (non-elemental) attribute. This lets Geno outdamage Mario in most cases as the former can ignore enemy resistances. All in all, try to decide whether to have Geno or Mario spend your FP based on the type of enemies you encounter during the main story.

In terms of support abilities, Geno also has access to Geno Boost, allowing him to buff his allies attack and defense which is extremely useful when taking on bosses.

Party Triple Move

Star Riders

Super Mario RPG Remake - Star Riders (Triple Move)

Star Riders is a Triple Move that can be executed with Mario, Mallow, and Geno. The party performs a combo that utilizes Star Pieces to deal massive damage to all enemies.

Mid-Game Party with Mallow

Character Role
Super Mario RPG Remake - MarioMario Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - BowserBowser Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - MallowMallow Support

This party setup is recommended for Booster Tower up until you reach Marrymore.

Reaching Booster Tower will let you recruit Bowser as a party member who will be very effective for clearing the area. Bowser’s Terrorize ability which inflict the Fear status is particularly useful against enemies and bosses in Booster Tower, making the King Koopa a solid replacement for Geno. You will also be able to collect different weapons for Bowser in the area to further improve his offense while going through encounters in Booster Tower.

Your general strategy with this team composition is to have Bowser debuff enemies with Fear before Mario and Mallow burst down targets with Special Moves. Bowser will also never use up too much of the party’s FP making it easy to reserve the resource for his allies.

While not recommended, you can swap out Mallow with Geno to form an all-attacker team. This, however, will force you to turn to items for healing which is much more costly than with just having Mallow use HP Rain.

Party Triple Move

Spark-Freeze-Fire Big Bomb

Super Mario RPG Remake - Spark-Freeze-Fire Big Bomb (Triple Move)

Spark-Freeze-Fire Big Bomb is a Triple Move that can be executed with Mario, Mallow, and Bowser. The party members take turns bombarding all enemies to deal massive lightning, fire, and ice damage.

Recommended Party for Culex (Secret Boss) with Mallow

Character Role
Super Mario RPG Remake - MarioMario Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - MallowMallow Attacker
Super Mario RPG Remake - PeachPeach Support

This party is recommended for taking on the game’s secret boss.

Having Peach as your support character is a must for taking on the game’s secret boss as you will constantly be bombarded with party-wide attacks that can knock out multiple characters quickly. As a general rule, always keep Peach alive so you can easily revive and heal everyone else.

Mallow comes into play during the secret boss battle by letting you target the crystals that appear during the fight. These crystals are all weak to different attributes so having Mallow use his elemental attacks makes it easier to burst them down. Mallow’s access to HP Rain makes him an ideal side-healer when Peach is having a hard time keeping the team’s HP up throughout the fight.

Super Mario RPG Remake Best Party Setups

Useful Tips on Builds

Build characters based on their unique characteristics and roles in the team.

When building each character’s stats and loadout in Super Mario RPG Remake, try to consider the unique elements they bring to the party. Each member of your team will excel in at least one role but will never be able to reach a point where they have no need of allies.

Characteristics of Each Party Member (Strength and Weaknesses)

Character Strengths Weaknesses
Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario IconMario
  • All-around attacker with strong normal attack and special move damage throughout the game.
  • Generally good stats across the board.
  • Generally has the best-end game gear (weapons, armor, and accessories) out of all characters, making him an offensive powerhouse as you reach the late and post-game stages.
  • Has none in the way of utility (no access to healing, buff, and debuff skills)
  • Single-target attacker for most of the early game as he learn multi-target skills later.
Super Mario RPG Remake - Mallow IconMallow
  • Access to multi-target special moves makes him a good character for clearing regular battles and boss mobs quickly.
  • Access to different elemental attacks makes him a strong ally against the game’s new superboss.
  • Can function as a healer with HP Rain.
  • The most FP-dependent character in the game.
  • Low durability (HP and physical defense) requires more HP management than other characters.
Super Mario RPG Remake - Geno IconGeno
  • Access to the only two-in-one buff skill in the game (Geno Boost) which he can also setup immediately thanks to his high Speed stat.
  • Essentially a dual-role character (multi-target special attack and support) and does them very well.
  • A staple character against hard bosses with no elemental weakness thanks to his respectable damage with Geno Flash.
  • End-game weapon and armor is generally subpar compared to other characters.
  • Slow HP growth at high levels.
Super Mario RPG Remake - Bowser IconBowser
  • High overall stats during early to mid game, making him a powerful ally during these stages.
  • Access to Terrorize (Fear debuff) which is useful in many story battles.
  • Can reserve most of the team’s FP to allies since he will only need it to use his Fear debuff.
  • Falls off a lot in late to post-game as most attackers (and even Peach) will outdamage him even with his best gear.
  • Fear debuff becomes somewhat less useful during post-game battles.
Super Mario RPG Remake - Peach IconPeach
  • The only pure support in the game and she does it very well.
  • Access to party-wide healing and revive skill makes her a staple against late and post-game battles.
  • Some added utility in post-game battles with skills to inflict Sleep and Mute.
  • Equipping her best weapon (Frying Pan) gives her massive normal attack damage output that nearly rivals Mario.
  • Low durability (HP and physical defense) like Mallow.
  • FP-dependent.

Character builds and team synergies become more important as progress to the more challenging post-game Boss Rematch battles. Define each party member’s roles, and innate strengths and weaknesses clearly so you can plug gaps that enemies can take advantage of in the game.

Super Mario RPG Remake Boss Rematches and Rewards List

Level cap is at 30 in the original game (NES) and remake (NSW).

The maximum level any character can attain in the game is 30. Since you will not be gaining any more EXP upon hitting the level cap, you are also permanently locked out of getting level-up stat bonuses onward.

Super Mario RPG Remake How to Level Up Fast

No stat respec feature in the original game (NES) and remake (NSW).

Note that all stat bonuses you choose for each character per level-up is permanent. There is no way to get back all points spent on increasing any of the three attributes and reallocate them as you like.

Super Mario RPG Remake Permanent Events and Missable Features

Because of this, decide carefully which stat bonuses you want for each character by taking to account their strengths, weaknesses, and unique roles in the party.

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