Days Gone - Demo Walkthrough Part 1

A complete storyline & mission walkthrough for Days Gone - Demo Part 1, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips and tricks, & obtainable items.

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Demo Walkthrough Part 1


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Sterilizer Leon’s Camp, Buck Meadow
Rag Leon’s Camp, Buck Meadow
Small Medkit x1 Car Trunk, Belknap Tunnel
M9 Ammo x16 (2 batches) Police Car Trunk and Supply Room, Belknap Tunnel
Shotgun Ammo x7 (2 batches) Police Car Trunk and Supply Room, Belknap Tunnel
Scrap x1 Supply Room, Belknap Tunnel
Medkit x1 Supply Room, Belknap Tunnel
Kerosene x1 Crazy Willies Truckstop
Small Medkit x2 Abandoned Houses, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Beer Bottle x1 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Scrap x1 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
M9 Ammo x12 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Shogun Ammo x10 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Rag x1 Mini-Truck, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Medkit x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Scrap x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Kerosene x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Rag x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Standard Crossbow Cascade Wilderness Safehouse
Kerosene x2 Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Scraps x3 Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Medkit x2 Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Rag x1 Abandoned Blue Car, Cascade Wilderness Safehouse
Beer Bottles x3 Marauder Camp
Ruger 22 Ammo x15 Marauder Camp
Sterilizer x1 Marauder Camp

Area: Buck Meadow Bridge

1 Proceed to Buck Meadow Bridge through the woods on your motorbike.
2 Drive until you reach the roadway.
3 Track Leon by following his footsteps through the woods.
4 Move down the right pathway and reach Leon’s hideaway camp.
5 Go straight until you reach a boulder.
6 Instead of moving left, move right by climbing over a fence to catch up to Leon quickly.
7 Decide whether to shoot Leon or not.
8 Go back to Leon’s camp and pick up supply items.
9 Pick up Sterilizer and a Rag. Craft a Bandage.
10 Return to your motorbike.
11 Drive through the doorway. Move left when you see blocking trees.
12 Stop in front of a blockade of cars. Move these cars on the side.
13 Pass through the Nero Checkpoint and continue until you reach the Belknap Tunnel.

Area: Belknap Tunnel

14 Move slowly from the starting walkpoint of Belknap Tunnel.
15 Pick up the small medkit x1 in the back trunk of the damaged blue car located on the right.
16 After throwing a molotov to the Freaker’s Nest, shoot down escaping Freakers.
17 Move forward until you hear a car alarm. Shoot down Freakers along the way.
18 Look for a white car with an activated alarm. Turn it off.
19 Pick up the M9 ammo and shotgun ammo in the back trunk of the damaged police car located on the left.
20 Go down an open path the left. Prepare for Freaker encounters.
21 Enter the left supply room. Pick up the scrap, medkit, M9 ammo, and shotgun ammo.
22 Leave the room and push a blue pickup truck to return to the tunnel.
23 A car alarm will be triggered. Eliminate Freakers as you travel.
24 Look for a red car with an activated alarm. Turn it off.
25 After clearing the tunnel from Freakers, go back to Boozer. Craft a molotov.
26 Craft a molotov.
27 Aim and throw the molotov at another Freakers’ Nest. Eliminate approaching Freakers.
28 Go back to Boozer and ride on his motorbike.
29 Ride to Crazy Willies.

Area: Crazy Willies Truckstop

27 After Boozer pulls most Freakers out of the area, move Deacon forward to the Crazy Willie’s Truckstop.
28 Turn right toward a trailer cargo. Pick up the Kerosene along the way.
29 Beware of Newts and Swarmers along the way.
30 You have the option to distract them by throwing rocks. You can also stab Freakers from behind.
31 Proceed forward slowly. Then, move left when you see another cargo trailer near the road.
32 Enter a house located near the road. Pick up the small medkit in the bathroom.
33 Pick up the beer bottle, scrap, M9 ammo, shotgun ammo in the bedroom.
34 Go outside through the window you previously entered. Climb our a fence and pick up: Crowbar.
35 You can distract Freakers by throwing a rock at a car with an active alarm or by eliminating them directly.
36 Move inside the house in front of the previous house you’ve entered.
37 Pick up the rag in the kitchen and the small medkit in the sink inside the bathroom.
38 Go outside and continue moving forward slowly.
39 Pick up the rag in the back of a mini-truck.
40 Continue moving forward and then turn left to the Crazy Willie garage area.

Area: Crazy Willie’s Garage

41 Enter the open area in the steel fences. Move straight to the huge garbage disposal.
42 Climb through the garbage disposal and reach roof area. Prepare for Newt encounters.
43 After clearing the roof, pick up the medkit, scrap, kerosene, and the rag.
44 Jump down open garage roof leading you to the kitchen.
45 Fend off the Newts in the area. Pick up the beer bottles.
46 Proceed to the indoor garage and approach the pick-up truck. Pick up the rag.
47 Look for a motorbike in the area. Grab the fuel pump.
48 Go outside the garage and reach Boozer’s location.
49 Eliminate 3 Rippers (A cult worshipping Freakers).

Area: Cascade Radio Tower and Safehouse

50 Bring Boozer to his room.
51 Decide whether to give Boozer his shotgun or not.
52 Pick up a standard crossbow in the weapon safe. Also, you can get some bolts and M9 ammo in the footlocker.
53 Leave Boozer’s room. Pick up the kerosene, scrap, and medkit near the safehouse.
54 Leave the safehouse. Then, follow the running drifter by sprinting.
55 Stop and approach a blue car. Pick up a rag.
56 When you see a marauder camp, clear out the six drifters from a distance with the standard crossbow.
57 Pick up scraps, kerosene, a medkit, the beer bottles, Ruger 22 ammo, and the sterilizer.
58 Continue moving toward the Drifter’s Bike. Beware of Freakers encountered along the way.
59 From the Drifter Bike’s, move to Copeland’s Camp.

Demo Walkthrough Part 1 Strategy

1) Deacon’s Motorbike

Motorbike Upgrades List
Deacon’s Drifter motorbike serves as his main form of transportation in the game. The motorbike can be used on-road and off-road, allowing him to travel quickly. The motorbike also works as a mobile storage where Deacon can leave some of his weapons, guns, and extra supplies. Deacon has the option of upgrading his motorbike throughout the game, but he must not forget to always have fuel first.

2) Player Choices

Days Gone features a story that branches off in multiple directions based on the decisions that players make. This is made to promote diversity in the gaming experience as well as encourage repeated playthroughs.

3) Materials and Consumable Items

When exploring the world of Days Gone, make sure to pick up all the items that you come across. Items can be found in the environment or in the pockets of dead enemies.

Recovery Items List
Some of the items are already usable, like medkits, while others are recipe items like rags and beer bottles.

4) Crafting

Crafting Items List
Crafting is an essential part of the game. With crafting, you can create more medkits to heal yourself with or molotovs to throw at hoards of Freakers.

5) Clear Out Freakers Nests

Freakers Infestation Guide
It is important for Deacon to clear out any and all Freaker Nests, and not only for the sake of storyline and survival in-game. If Deacon is able to clear a nest, he can fast travel to the area immediately afterward.

6) Different Types of Freakers


Freakers List
In Days Gone, there are several varieties of Freakers to encounter. Swarmers are common, adult-like Freakers. Newts are adolescent Freakers that are not fully aggressive unless you stay on top of buildings or objects. Newts will also attack you if you are low on health.

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