Days Gone - Things to do Early

A guide on things to do at the start of Days Gone to easily progress through the game's main story.

Things to do when starting Days Gone

Story missions to gain XP

Days Gone things to do at the start

You will need a lot of experience, or XP, to raise your level and unlock skills. Focusing on missions right from the start is a good way to earn XP quickly.

Story Missions List

How to Farm XP Efficiently

Advance Time

Days Gone things to do at the start

You can rest at shelters or checkpoints to advance the time of day. For exploring, it is recommended to go out during the daytime when few freakers are roaming about.
Weather / Day-Night Cycle

Increase your stamina with NERO injectors

Days Gone things to do at the start

NERO injectors found in NERO mobile medical units allow you to upgrade one of your three main stats. It is generally a good idea to prioritize raising your stamina as it allows you to move freely around while fighting or to perform evasive moves more frequently.
Stat Leveling Guide

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