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A list of main characters from Days Gone. Included are their backgrounds and voice actors.

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Characters List

Below is a list of characters from Days Gone. This includes their background information as well as voice actors/actresses.

Character Background Voice Actor/Actress
Days Gone DeaconDeacon Deacon St. John is the main protagonist of the game. His wife, Sarah, died in a helicopter crash. After the onset of the Freaker incident, Deacon turned to his trusty motorcycle to navigate the infested world.
VA (JP): Isamu Yūsen
VA (EN): Sam Witwer
Days Gone SarahSarah Sarah is Deacon’s deceased wife. She was a researcher and botanist at Cloverblue.
VA (JP): Maaya Sakamoto
VA (EN): Courtnee Draper
Days Gone BoozerBoozer William “Boozer” Gray is a fellow survivor and friend of Deacon after the Freaker outbreak. He is a former Mongrel Motorcycle Club outlaw who served his time as the club’s Sergeant-at-Arms.
VA (JP): Masanori Takeda
VA (EN): Coming Soon
Days Gone Iron MikeIron Mike Iron Mike is the leader of an encampment of survivors. He is familiar with Deacon St. John’s dark secrets and is hostile toward him.
VA (JP): Coming Soon
VA (EN): Coming Soon
Days Gone CopelandCopeland Mark “Cope” Copeland is the leader of the Copeland Camp. He enforces Martial Law on his camp and knows how to manipulate Deacon by sending him off to do work for him.
VA (JP): Coming Soon
VA (EN): Coming Soon
Days Gone MannyManny Manny is a mechanic working at Copeland’s camp. Manny provides repairs and upgrades to Deacon’s Motorbike throughout the game.
VA (JP): Coming Soon
VA (EN): Coming Soon
Days Gone AddisonRikki Rikki is a fellow survivor staying at Iron Mike Camp. She is a close friend of Addison
VA (JP): Coming Soon
VA (EN): Nishi Munshi
Days Gone RikkiAddison Addison is another fellow survivor staying at Iron Mike Camp. She prefers to stay in groups in camps rather than live as a lone survivor like Deacon.
VA (JP): Coming Soon
VA (EN): Coming Soon

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