Days Gone - Unlocking Different Endings Guide


A guide on how to unlock different endings including the secret ending in Days Gone. This includes the required storyline mission to be finished.

Days Gone - Game Guide and Walkthrough

How to Unlock Different Endings

To unlock all endings in Days Gone, the player needs to accomplish the required storyline mission.

Normal Endings

Deacon and Sarah Ending

Days Gone - Deacon and Sarah Normal Ending

Ending Storyline Deacon rescue’s Sarah from Wizard’s Island
Ending Condition Accomplish For an Outlaw Biker Story Mission Walkthrough

Iron Mike Ending

Days Gone - Iron Mike Normal Ending

Ending Storyline Deacon, Rikki, and Addison visit Iron Mike’s tomb.
Ending Condition Accomplish For the Benefit of Others Story Mission Walkthrough

Lisa Ending

Days Gone - Lisa Normal Ending

Ending Storyline Deacon saves Lisa and lets her enter the camp.
Ending Condition Accomplish I’m Not a Ripper Story Mission Walkthrough

Secret Ending

O’Brian Secret Ending

Days Gone - O'Brian Secret Ending

Ending Storyline Deacon meets O’Brian in Pioneer Cemetery and reveals his and NERO’s secret.
Ending Condition Accomplish There’s Nothing You Can Do Story Mission Walkthrough

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