Days Gone - Drifter Bike Guide

A guide on Deacon's Drifter Bike in Days Gone. It includes tips and upgrades.

Drifter Bike

Deacon’s custom motorcycle resembles a chopper with some dirt bike features. As you explore the open world, you will need a reliable mode of transportation. Deacon will depend on his skills as a former outlaw to guarantee a safe trip when crossing obstacles and enemy lines.

Fuel Management

As the world is vast, the Drifter Bike needs to take some pitstops to refuel. Refuel the tank to the brim before you set foot in the open to avoid getting stranded. You can also increase the bike’s fuel capacity by upgrading its performance by talking to an Encampment‘s mechanic.


While Deacon’s customized bike can run from the get-go, it needs some fine tuning if you want to increase your chance of survival. You can create your dream bike by modifying the performance, visuals, and even adjust the aesthetics with paint. While on the run, one of the upgrades that stands out is the Saddle Bag which grants a higher carrying capacity for your ammunition. Another enhancement is the Nitros, which grants a speed boost ability.

Drifter Bike Upgrades List

Bike upgrades require a certain allied trust level with an encampment. You can increase allied trust by farming freaker ears and turning them in at an Encampment’s bounties station.

Freaker Ears Farming Guide

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