Days Gone - Human Enemy List

A list of all types of human enemies in Days Gone. Included are descriptions of each type.

Human Enemies

There are two types of human enemies in Days Gone. The first, more common type are the Marauders. These are human enemies that retain their humanity. The second type are the Rippers, which are cultists who have lost their humanity. Both types have their own territories, the former having camps and the latter having sigils.

List of Human Enemies


Humans that managed to survive from the Freaker incident and settled in camps. Despite retaining their humanity and intelligence, Marauders are hostile to anyone outside their camp. They roam the post-apocalyptic world to scavenge for food and supplies and will not hesitate to kill any trespassers. As humans, they often carry a variety of weapons and are able to set traps like clotheslines to ambush Deacon.


Humans that abide to the teachings of the Rest In Peace Cult, Rippers are humans that are neither carriers of the virus nor Freakers. They perceive the virus as a gift and aim to become one with it. Tainted with scars through self-mutilation and bearing the cult’s acronym on their foreheads, Rippers are ruthless enemies who have abandoned their humanity. These cult followers employ more intense tactics on their prey, such as burning their tattoo-stricken bodies with a blowtorch.


NERO are Soldiers and Researchers deployed to stop the Freaker virus. They don special HAZMAT suits which protect them against attacks. If you stay hidden near the researchers, you can eavesdrop on useful information.

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