Days Gone - Crafting Items List

A list of crafting items in Days Gone that Deacon can use to create various weapons, traps, and tools essential for surviving against the Freaker horde.

Crafting Items

Days Gone Crafting Items List

Various items can be scavenged throughout the world of Days Gone. This allows Deacon to create weapons, traps, and tools to fight off the Freaker horde. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of all crafting items.

Crafting Items List

Name How to Obtain Used For
Empty Bottle
Beer Bottle Molotov
Empty Can
Rag Molotov, Health Cocktail, Stamina Cocktail
Antiseptic Solution
Kerosene Molotov
Gunpowder Proximity Bomb
Spark Igniter Remote Bomb
Alarm Clock Time Bomb
Airbag Remote Bomb
Box of Nails
Spiked Bat
Scrap Various weapons
Cedar Sapling Crossbow Bolt
Mountain Sorrel Health Cocktail
Golden Currant Stamina Cocktail
Sterilizer Health Cocktail, Stamina Cocktail


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