Days Gone - Nose Down, They Feed Ya Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for Nose Down, They Feed Ya in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Follow Manny’s tracks
2 Rescue Manny
3 Fight the rager
4 Return Manny to his bike

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Copeland Camp Trust Gain
None 5,000 1,050 3,950

Nose Down, They Feed Ya – Rescue Manny

1 Go to the location.
2 Follow the tracks leading to a marauder camp.
3 Kill the marauders to rescue Manny.
4 Defeat the rager.
5 Head back to Manny’s bike.


1) Finding Manny

Nose Down, They Feed Ya

Examine Manny’s bike at the starting area of the mission.

2) Tracking Manny

Nose Down, They Feed Ya

Follow the footsteps and kill the freaker on the way to the marauder camp. Examine the chair shown in the screenshot above.

3) Killing the rager

Nose Down, They Feed Ya

Use molotovs to set the enemy on fire while you shoot it with a rifle. Don’t forget to get the rager ear before leaving the area.

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