Days Gone - Encampment List

A list of encampments that Deacon can visit in Days Gone.

Encampments List

Encampments are settlements in Days Gone. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of all encampments.

These locations serve as checkpoints packed with stalls that provide an assortment of services. Talk to the NPC to access their services. You can fast travel to encampments by spending gas.

Each encampment has its own specialization, such as bike upgrades or weapon mods. If you are looking for a specific specialization, it is best to save up gathered loot and turn it all in at an encampment. You can earn trust this way, allowing you to unlock a wide range of gear upgrades.



Talk to the Mechanic to tune up your motorbike.


You can turn in Freaker Ears to obtain Encampment Trust and Credits.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Encampments List

Name of Camp Camp Leader Location Unlocking Conditions
Peaceful Lake Camp Mark Copeland Cascade Region Coming Soon
Hot Springs Camp Ada Tucker Belknap Region Coming Soon

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