Days Gone - Ranged Skill List

Information on Deacon's Ranged Skills in Days Gone. Includes the skill's name and effect.

Ranged Skills

Days Gone Ranged Skills List

In Days Gone, ranged skills are actions related to ranged weapons. These consist of buffs to efficiency and techniques.

Name SP Unlock Condition Effect
Focus Shot 1 Initial skill Slows time when aiming
Fight and Flight 1 Initial skill Higher precision when simultaneously aiming and moving
Vicious Cycle 1 Initial skill You can use a ranged weapon after using a melee weapon
Suppressing Fire 1 Master two skills During focus, you have better chance of stunning the enemy with weaker shots
Crowd Control 1 Master two skills Reduces the time needed to regenerate focus
Hyperfocus 1 Master two skills Increases initial regeneration and duration of Focus Cocktails
On The Move 1 Master four skills You can reload weapons while sprinting
Iron Grip 1 Master four skills Drastically lowers weapon recoil
Nocked Up 1 Master four skills Deal higher damage when using crossbow bolts
Under Pressure 1 Learn six skills Removes focus cost of reloading weapons during focus mode
Quick Reload 1 Learn six skills Allows for faster reloading of weapons
Deadshot 1 Learn six skills Higher accuracy when using firearms
Up The Ante 1 Master eight skills Firearm magazines have a higher capacity
Two Birds, One Bullet 1 Master eight skills Ammo can pierce through enemies and damage others behind them
Head Rush 1 Master eight skills Regenerate health on a successful headshot

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