Days Gone - Recommended Skill List

A summary of recommended skills Deacon needs to acquire in Days Gone. This includes essential skills for early game, mid game, and late game.

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Recommended Skills

Here is the list of skills we recommend, specifically during the early game, mid game, and late game in Days Gone.

Early Game

1) Focus Shot

Days Gone - Recommended Skill List - Focus Shot

Using this skill makes it easier for Deacon to aim at freakers and human enemies. Also, it helps with successfully landing headshots. Holding L2 while pressing R3 will slow the enemies down.

2) Moving Shot

Days Gone - Recommended Skill List - Moving Shot

Choosing this skill helps Deacon hold his aim while moving. This skill helps with saving ammo when facing enemies.

3) Suppression Shooting

The skill offers more firepower when Deacon uses long-range weapons like shotguns or rifles. This skill complements Focus Shot very well since it will help to bring down enemies quickly from a distance.

4) Intensive Training

Days Gone - Recommended Skill List - Intensive Training

This is another important skill during the early game. This helps reduce the cooldown time of Focus Shot.


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Late Game

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