Days Gone - Weather and Day/Night Cycles

Basic information on the effects of weather and time of day in Days Gone, including how it affects Freaker behavior.

Weather and Day-Night Cycles

Days Gone Weather and Day-Night Effects

Days Gone features a constantly changing game environment where players will experience sunny, rainy, and even snowy weather. Time also regularly shifts between day and night, affecting enemy behavior.

You can check the current weather by checking the map from the game menu.

Weather Effects

It is harder to operate the motorbike when it is raining. Rain also causes Freakers to appear and attack more frequently.

Day/Night Cycle Effects

Freakers are nocturnal creatures and usually stay hidden during the day. At night, however, Freakers are more powerful and actively roam to attack anything they see. It is worth noting that killing Freakers at night allows you to gain more experience, making it the perfect time to grind for skills.

Freakers are more likely to attack during harsh weather and at night, where there is both poor visibility and little means of escape. Be sure to stock up on weapons and healing items as night approaches.

Freakers List

That does not mean to say it is safer to roam the lands during the day. When the sun is up, human enemies like Marauders frequent the roads to harass and kill anyone entering their territory.

Human Enemies List

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