Days Gone - Melee Skill List

Information about melee skills in Days Gone. Includes the skill's name and effect.

Melee Skills

Days Gone Melee Skills List

In Days Gone, melee skills are actions used in melee combat and when dodging. This includes higher damage output when inflicting melee attacks, subsequent actions that allow the player to counter enemy attacks, and the ability to repair broken melee weapons.

Name SP Unlock Condition Effect
Escape Artist 1 Initial skill When grabbed by an opponent, you can escape and kill the opponent.
Field Repairs 1 Initial skill Allows you to repair melee weapons using pieces of scrap.
Juice Up 1 Initial skill Increases initial regeneration and duration of Endurance Cocktails
Hard Hitter 1 Master two skills Increases melee weapon damage
Busted Lip 1 Master two skills Regenerates endurance after successfully killing an enemy with melee attacks
Talk Shit, Get Hit 1 Master two skills Execute longer melee combos
Lightning Reflexes 1 Master four skills When knocked down, you can do a quick roll to get back up
Bull Rush 1 Master four skills You can stun the opponent with a melee during a sprint
The Reckoning 1 Master four skills Chance to deal critical damage when using melee
Just Roll With It 1 Learn six skills Reduces endurance cost when doing a roll
Rock On 1 Learn six skills You can stun the opponent by throwing a stone
Home Run 1 Learn six skills Drastically increases damage of crafted and looted melee weapons
Retribution 1 Master eight skills Chance to deal critical damage is increased by 25%
Switch It Up 1 Master eight skills Damage dealt when using a knife is increased
Executioner 1 Master eight skills You can kill an opponent instantly when hiding

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